Winner: May’s Best Forex Trading Sytem

Time is up, earthlings! It is now my duty to present to you the Best Forex Trading System (BFTS) of May! Congratulations to…

Forex Price Action by Johnathon Fox

Forex Price Action by Johnathan Fox

Unlike many other systems out there, the Forex Price Action system stands out because it does not rely on any indicator. Instead, Johnathon sticks to basics and points out clear chart patterns and candlestick formations.

According to Johnathon, “Humans are very habitual. Traders tend to do the same things and react the same way over and over again when presented with similar circumstances.”

Based on this theory (which, in my observations, is mostly true), Johnathon believes you can make trading decisions based on chart formations that all other traders can see and react to.

For example, as Johnathon points out in the explanation of his system, pin bars can be seen as a strong signal of which direction price action can move in over the short term.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to backtest Johnanthon’s price action system. It is too discretionary and without a set of hard rules to follow, backtesting would be open to too many possibilities and different scenarios that even my dual core processor cannot handle.

But even though I won’t be able to backtest Johnathan’s trading system, he is still entitled to the prizes awarded to BFTS winners!

We will donate $50 to a charity of his choice (listen in our Golden List of Charities) on his behalf. On top of that, $2 will also be donated to this month’s charity (Mercy Cops) because we had two entries for May.

You will also see Forex Price Action featured on the homepage for an entire month. And of course, Johnathan Fox will also join the Best Forex Trading Systems Hall of Fame!

Well, that concludes May’s contest. But don’t fret earthlings! It also means that June’s Best Forex Trading System contest is now open!

Whether you’re a professional trader, forex newbie, robot, or monster — anyone can join! All you have to do is follow the contest rules and regulations and you’re all set!

May the odds be ever in your favor. Let the games begin!

  • Raza

    no mention of SithJawa’s price indecision system? O_O

  • Lorenz

    Nothing personal, but I find this section of babypip more and more ridiculous. Backtesting only on very few months, “nice system, but sorry! I cannot translate it in an algorithm…”, simplistic conclusions and other amenities.

    I would urge the guy in charge to raise the game, since the level is definitely not up to the rest of this great website.

    Best regards from Germany.


  • guest73

    this was really stupid and very vague…. all you did is point out a style of trading. that is not a system at all. You might as well say the winner is, Fred, who is a swing trader….geee thanks for that info. Why dont you share what his system is really about, or quit wasting peoples time.

  • Justaguest

    Hey, well…¬†if you click on the “Forex Price Action by Johnathan…” link it wil tell you “what it is all about” geezus people!
    Oh and  congratulations by the way Johnathan!