Winner: July’s Best Forex Trading System

Looks like someone in the forums is gaining some fanatics! For the second month in a row, forum user pipwoof has come away victorious! July’s Best Forex Trading System is none other than the…

Triple Threat Exit Strategy!

For winning July’s Best Forex Trading System contest, pipwoof’s name will be featured once more on the Best Forex Systems Hall of Fame. Not only that, but the Triple Threat Exit Strategy will also be up on the home page for a whole month! Last but not the least, pipwoof gets to donate $50 to his chosen charity among our Golden List of Charities. If that’s not a good deal, human, then I don’t know what is.

Pipwoof’s system incorporates his Daybreak System to help generate signals. The major difference comes in the exiting strategy. As the name suggests, the system has three stop loss strategies to help you keep your pips.

Triple Threat Exit Strategy

According to pipwoof, combining the Triple Threat Exit Strategy to the Daybreak System has helped him generate 31,000 pips over four pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and GBP/JPY) in just over 18 months!

Mother of beep beep boop beep beep! Could this be the holy grail?!?

As mentioned above, the system uses the same entry signals as the Daybreak System. For entering trades, the main rules are simply:

  1. Go long at the previous day’s high plus one pip.
  2. Go short at the previous day’s low minus one pip.
  3. On Mondays, go long at Friday’s high plus 11 pips or go short at Friday’s low minus 11 pips.

Meanwhile, pipwoof uses the following rules in his Triple Threat Exit Strategy:

  1. Put three stop losses on every trade, one for each position (the size depends on your risk tolerance).
  2. Place the initial stop loss on all three positions in the nearest quarter psychological level (00, 25, 50, 75) above/below a 25-pip allowance. For example, a short at 1.0213 would yield a stop loss of 1.0250.
  3. The initial stop loss is the only one set in stone at the start of the trade. SL2 is trailed every succeeding 25 pips, while SL3 is trailed every 50 pips.

As detailed as this system is though, there’s still plenty of opportunity for discretion. For example, pipwoof allows moving all the other stop losses to breakeven (initial entry price) once the first profit target has been reached. He also leaves it up to traders to decide whether they should keep the trade open over the weekends, or if they want to close and simply re-enter the trade on Monday.

Will the Triple Threat Exit Strategy earn more pips once I mechanize it, or is the discretion part of the system the secret to its success? Find out in a couple of weeks, Earthlings! Next week I shall reveal my plans on mechanizing the system!

  • George

    Hello Pipwoof, what timeframe do you use for the entry signal?

  • Robovoter

    Interesting idea.  For the daily high and daily low do you measure the worldwide 24hr daily high and low or do you take trading primary area’s daily high and lows?   Are you going to automate this as well?   Sounds really worth a try.

  • Robovoter

    Does anybody answer questions on this page?

  • Forex Systems Reviews

    Triple threat exit strategy is a good forex trading system.It’s working efficiency is great. 

  • Samyboy

    All 3 pairs seem to have too many whiplashes for such a small stoploss. A SL of 25 pips would get stopped out nearly every time! A quick look at the chart and you can see you would be stopped out very often. Also the system only works when a pair is trending. Maybe it’s just August…

  • Forex Singapore

    Interesting, but I would prefer to check it first on demo before starting using it in a real account. Sounds too simple and good to be true.

  • trade forex

    I would want to examine it first on trial before beginning using it in a actual consideration. Appears to be too easy and good to be actual.

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    Multiple risk exit strategy is a good currency trading plan.It’s working performance is great.

  • Jordan Pang

    Why do traders always measure their return in pips? 31000 sounds good but if you are telling me the risk was maybe 25000 pips. The risk reward is only 1.24. If I say i earned 1000 pips in 18 months. Yes it may not sound great but what if I say my risk is only 100 pips. That’s a RR of 10. Just say your return in risk reward would suffice.

  • forex tips

    I am very much pleased with the contents you have mentioned. I wanted to thank you for this great article. I enjoyed every little bit part of it and I will be waiting for the new tips