Winner: July Best Forex Trading System of the Month

After a brutal week-long one-on-one battle, a winner has emerged.

Ladies, gentlemen, monsters, and robots, let’s give it up for NickB, the winner of July’s Best Forex Trading System!

His trading system, the 4H Scalping Method, is an oldie but it sure is a goodie. Over the years, it has developed quite a following in the community.

NickB Chart

Making use of the 4-hour time frame, the 4H Scalping Method is what we call a “naked” trading system as it doesn’t use a single indicator. That’s right, earthlings! You won’t see any moving averages and oscillators on NickB’s charts. His system bases trades solely on price action, relying on trend lines for entry and exit signals.

Does that sound interesting to you? Then you might want to read more about his system in the 4H Scalping Method forum thread!

As the winner of July’s contest, the NickB 4H Scalping Method will receive the following:

  • A spot at the Best Forex Trading System (BFTS) Hall of Fame in the forum
  • A badge at the front page of that will displayed for the entire month of August.
  • On NickB’s behalf, we will donate $50 to one of the charities in the Golden List of Charities.
  • And lastly, I will also mechanize it and backtest his system to see how it fares against the Robopip Standard for Mechanical Systems. But after reading through the rules of the system, I found out that this is highly discretionary. As such, I’ll have to thoroughly learn the system first and see whether I can indeed mechanize it. Stay tuned!

With July’s contest over, it’s time to announce August’s Best Forex Trading System Contest open. Head on over to our forums and submit your entries for a chance to win the rewards I have just mentioned above for yourself. Just make sure you follow the official rules and regulations to be qualified. Good luck, humans!

  • Leonardo Hermoso

    i have already automated this trade, but to calculate support and resistances i used k-means.

    Do you want to see this?

    • Dike Ekeator

      yes leo. can i see it

    • Lusaworks

      Definately! y did you even ask 🙂

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  • Thanks for this system, i’am trying to use it with different currency pairs, and if to be honest i have some great results, thanks again.

    Green pips=)

  • FredyPleaseComeBack

    The system works and can be modified to different time frames, as long as you handle risk correctly… Very simple system with no EAs or indicators needed.



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  • great
    i love your blog a lot.