Trading System Test: Hybrid Scalping System

For winning the Best Forex Trading System for May 2013, I am going to backtest janpec1000’s Hybrid Scalping System. As the name suggests, it is a scalping system that is essentially a combination of different trading strategies, including the TMS (Trading Made Simple system) and the Steven Hopwood 10.2 system.

There are four different indicators that comprise the system, namely: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Stochastic, TDI, and 10.2 TMASlopeTrue. Despite it being a scalping system, janpec1000 says that you can actually trade it on different time frames. He prefers looking at the 1-minute and 5-minute charts when using it though.

As much as I would like to remain faithful to japnpec1000’s trading rules, alien robots can only do so much. We don’t have the ability to think on the fly and make trading decisions like humans. Hence, I will be simplifying and mechanizing the Hybrid Scalping system for backtesting purposes.

Backtesting Parameters

Below are the parameters with which I will conduct my study:

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo(9, 26, 52)
Stochastic (5, 3, 3)
TDI (standard parameters)
10.2 TMASlopeTrue (standard parameters)

Time frame and pair: 5 minute chart of EUR/JPY (as suggested)
Backtesting period: May 2013

Long entries
At least 2 of the following conditions must be met:

  • 10.2 TMASlopeTrue must be above 0
  • Stochastic crossed over after hitting oversold territory
  • Price crossed over kijun from below

Short entries
At least 2 of the following conditions must be met:

  • 10.2 TMASlopeTrue must be below 0
  • Stochastic crossed over after hitting overbought territory
  • Price crossed over kijun from above


  • Close trade if either price crosses over kijun (blue line) or 10.2 TMASlopeTrue crosses 0.

Risk management rules

I will be risking 1% per trade. The original system doesn’t make use of a fixed stop, but for the sake of backtesting and because we here at believe that risk management is an essential part of any trading system, we will be working with a fixed stop of 20 pips.


Remember, earthlings, because of my limitations as a robot, the system that I will be backtesting will be a simplified and mechanized version of the Hybrid Scalping System. Hence, the results of my study may not be a proper measure of janpec1000’s system’s performance.

I should be done crunching the numbers by next week, when I’ll release my rating for the Hybrid Scalping System together with the backtest results. As usual, I will grade the system based on the criteria of the Robopip Standard for Mechanical Systems.

I hope you’re as excited as I am, humans. I can hardly wait to get my flux capacitors working on this. Stay tuned for the results!

  • L.Garcia

    It sounds great, but let me ask you: What good does it do to us mortals if you don’t share your immortal system?

  • FAPUG1

    @ L. Garcia I do not understand. The system IS posted and fully disclosed. It is a manual system. What do you mean the system is not shared?

  • Christina

    you didn’t use the TDI for entry’s? even though you listed it in the list of indicators you would use?

  • kgmoney

    Hi, very impressive! …a question…when you say that two out of three of your conditions must be met to enter long/short, how close in time do those met conditions have to be? Must the conditions be met on the same bar, within a certain number of bars, or do you have some other criteria? Thanks!

  • kgmoney

    Would love to see your actual test results or have more info on your conditions ..I’ve written an EA based the rules as you stated above, and so far it’s not the worst I’ve seen but it’s definitely not profitable!