Robopip Joins the Family!

Greetings, Earthlings! It is I, Robopip, and I come in peace. My purpose on this planet is to develop and backtest mechanical trading systems for newbie and expert traders alike.

My mission commenced as soon as inhabitants of my galaxy learned of this human capability you call “emotions,” which usually limits your trading potential. Because of this human flaw, we decided to plant an idea in Forex Ninja‘s mind, which led him to commission me to help humans eliminate biases and emotions in trading.

You’ve probably learned in the School of Pipsology that mechanical trading systems already allow humans to do this, but only if you follow the rules of your system AT ALL TIMES.

In our planet, if you fail to do this, you will automatically be transformed into a paper weight a.k.a. an iPhone. And yes, Earthling, we also have access to the forex market in our planet, much more access than humans can ever imagine.

It pleases me to know that mechanical systems are already very popular here on planet Earth, particularly in the forums. However, there are still plenty of forex systems out there claiming to be the so-called “Holy Grail” that you can purchase for “only” a few thousand dollars.

It is my task to study these mechanical trading systems that exist in your galaxy, and determine whether they are worth your time and hard-earned paper money.

In line with this, I will be assisting Forex Ninja in his Best Forex Trading System of the Month contest by evaluating the results of the winning system and judging if it fits my galaxy’s standards. I will also be featuring one mechanical system each week, crunching the numbers, and churning out the results.

Tune in, you must, Earthling. You never know when I’ll stumble upon the true Holy Grail.

  • babypips

    Testing Disqus on production.

  • Joshua Pearce Gibson

    I for one have always been a big fan of sharing one’s own trading activity, or at least a limited version of it, within reason. It really clears the water as to whether someone actually walks their talk.

  • Grandpa

    Good idea as long as it does not evolve into a chatterbox that just creates extra noise

    • Joshua Pearce Gibson

      It should probably come with an on/off button….

  • stj

    is a very great idea, i have been following the live streaming trades
    of The Pheonix Foundation by o990l6mh on  myfxbook, he is truely a PRO
    but i wondered why most of the Pros here were not doing something
    similar.I even planned suggesting it to babypips to make most of the FX-Men
    Honorary Members open a similar live trading account book there to help
    newbies like me,Gracefully we will now have it on our own lovely
    babypis website.This idea is not only about bagging in the pips the
    pros are catching but usually as in my case using The
    Foundation trading system I go back to my charts and anlyse the setup
    that made him decide to open a trade, what triggered his entry,how he
    placed his stop and later moved it to
    breakeven and also how he takes profits, I must confess it helped a lot
    and gave my demo account a great boost and also gave me a real time
    understading of the practical working aspect of The Pheonix Foundation
    trading system.Am very glad Forex Ninja has brought this up.Thanks!

    And I hope to see the system here soon!.

  • Rana

    great idea!!

  • ANI

    Excellent proposal.  Am eagerly looking forward to join.

  • Razzorlt

    i’ve recently joined babypips. And i never knew that such thing could exist in fx. I’ve played poker before i moved to fx, and they had a live coaching seasion all the time, which show how theoretical knowledge put into practice. THIS WOULD BE AWESOME.

  • Dean FX Paul

    It would suit short-term traders and scalpers. I’m not sure it would suit more long-term traders such as myself, since my trades take about 5 minutes, and could be open for weeks. However, still a great idea, and something new.

  • Jezzy2005

    Great idea ! Can’t wait to see this as a learning tool 🙂

  • Rasif Shafique

    It’s a great idea… I’m eagerly waiting for this 🙂

  • Magnus

    Dear ForexNinja,
    You have introduced several very good ideas of late. This one seems like another very interesting idea.
    A few thoughts:
    Will there be a possibility to watch recorded sessions or will it be live only?
    Will there be any voice options or text only?

    I’m all for it, but I’m asking about the streaming vs recorded options since I work during London and first half of NY and for that reason I wouldn’t be able to stream much during the day nor watch others. (Unless newly found wonderful software TeamViewer let’s me solve that).

    I think it’s a great idea but I’d like a bit more info or a demo video to better understand the whole concept.


  • forexninja

    It seems like there is an overwhelmingly positive response

    We’ll probably use free live stream service like livestream,,
    or ustream (Google them, if you want to see how these streams look
    like). I know some of them keep archives, which means you can watch
    recorded sessions. Of course, it’s up to the streamer himself if he
    wants to get the paid version for better quality. The live stream should
    include both audio and video of course.

    The main issue I think we’ll have is who are the members of the
    community who are willing to stream their trades. According to
    InnerCircle Trader, if we build the application, people will come. We’ll
    probably run a trial period and see who are willing to stream and the
    amount of interest it generates. We’ll see!

  • Cheshboy

    Upside: Brilliant idea as it will give those of us with limited knowledge (whilst learning our BP course) a chance to be in a community, rather than trading alone.
    Downside: Possible abuse by people, should be self policing so that members can weed out rude and unwanted comments/info/language. The only other downside, would us newbies be getting an overload of info?   

  • Razzorlt

    please do that. It would boos my understanding about fx great deal… It would be awesome as well, to be able to watch after the stream. I mean, you could record them and put in the web page. Even at later sections of your “pipschool” lessons or just make whole new section for that.

  • Tansen

    For people like me who are still relatively new but have read and studied all of your site guru’s methods and is still slightly lost I think this may help if you guys had a voice / mic ?

    Probably explains a little to us newbies who are read but not in practice. Plus I’m indifferent because etoro claims to have a system when your can chat and ride the winnings off others so instead of just copying what you do it’d be nice to get a greater understanding on why

  • Donkeykong2387

    nice pic

  • Forex Vendetta

    Hi m8 and welcome to babypips, look forward to your input 🙂

    • robopip

      Thank you Forex Vendetta. I hope my advice will be of service to everyone.

      • jay lim

        Great! Just when I’m about to give up using all bots. 🙂 (*no pun intended)

  • Tansen

    Robopip = talond? lol

  • Lengzzz

    what will be yr twitter id?

    • robopip

      Lengzzz, my twitter ID is “Robopip”. 

  • Jean Pierre Caron

    Welcome i a lot of interrogations????????????????

  • Prosbundance


  • Master Tang

    You are quite fluent in Earth English.

    What would be the chances of teaching us earthlings how to speak a few phrases in RoboPipian?

    It would be awesome to have a few lessons smattered about in between your test tube trades, and double checking the best forex systems:D


    And welcome!

  • JJ6845616

    I am pleased to know that your system is working very well but i guess that the systems based uponindicators specially moving average are really hard to follow.Sometimes you get late in catching the signal and sometimes you miss it and one big miss could ruin your whole long term planning.These type of systems can only be followed by the Expert advisors!

  • helplessno4

    Wow thanks for the update Huck!

  • Jacko

    How do you play it? Are these trades from real account or just paper trading? When I look at your trades I have an impression that it would be
    difficult to open positions exactly at points You do, but maybe I am wrong?

  • real pips

    Hi Huck, Dr pipslow advises noobs to focus on percentages rather than

    dollars / pips.

    what i mean is profitability should be based on percentage returns and not necessarily on the amount of pips one makes as evidenced in

    in other to asertain the profitabilty of the trend catcher, there is need to factor in its percentage return based on 1% risk per trade like you do with your discretionary trading result.
    Will you very much mind posting such a result HUCK?


  • Ancient Russian

    You’re so open-hearted showing not only wins but loses too. Don’t push on yourself, you’re doing great, everything is OK! =)

  • markiboy

    Hey Huck, I’ve been reading up on your HLHB system and noticed you have made changes over the years. I cannot find the latest parameters to your system. Can you share them with me so I can follow more knowingly.