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Last week we started off with basic steps to help “clean” your disorganization away.

One of the hardest things about diving into forex trading, or anything that requires skill and knowledge to be successful, is forming a routine that leads to progress and productivity in that area.

Once the routine has been set, consistently sticking to the routine becomes the next obstacle.

Time management directly affects whether your routine ever gets put into action. If you never make time to actually educate yourself and trade, you’ll obviously go nowhere.

Try the following tips and become a Time Ninja, slicing and dicing time into manageable pieces of your choosing! Ginsu World Class Knives!

  1. Make an appointment for Forex and only Forex. Pencil in your calendar or stylus in your PDA calendar that you have a one-hour appointment this Wednesday for Forex trading/learning/reading. This way, your schedule is in place and you set time aside specifically for Forex. And if you’re not a busybody with an ever-changing calendar, make every Wednesday on your calendar your Forex day. Start small with a single hour or two during the week and then move with longer sessions if the time permits.
  2. Still can’t make time? This tip is a bit involved, but it will give you a level of insight worth paying for! Buy a small notebook and keep track of what you spend your time doing each half-hour or hour. If you know you’ll only work on Forex trading after work, start keeping records as soon as you get home. Do this for a week or two if possible. Then, at the end of your observation period, sit down and review your notes. Do you spend too much time on the couch potato by the evil TV or in the bathroom taking long baths with your yellow ducky? It’s time to put the remote control and ducky away and make your Forex education a priority. Find the time, it’s there somewhere.
  3. Maybe you don’t like your existing trading area. If your trading desk is at your day job, then there’s not much you can do for yourself (Quit! Ha! Don’t do that!). But if you’re at home, stuck in a closet, in your wet, nasty, basement, it’s probably time for a move. If your trading area isn’t inviting, this feeling will transfer over to your Forex trading and education and you’ll dread ever doing it. Do you really want to trade in the dark… in a closet… in your wet, nasty basement? Really? Get out of the dark and find an area with good lighting. Keep those eyes fresh! Bad smells? Find someplace with a fresh breeze, or shell out a few bucks for a Glade plug-in (air freshener). Try out your local library, coffee shop (as long as it’s empty and not hustling with customers), Internet café, or back seat of your jeep. Just remember, if you want to make trades and check your charts live, you’ll need a place with an accessible Internet connection. You feel more at home if your trading area is appealing to your senses. Keep it looking, feeling, and smelling clean

Take proactive steps to become attentive to what all of your time goes and also where you spend your time. Before you can go anywhere in Forex, you have to take the time to learn and trade.

Keep your trading environment appealing and you’ll have an easier time coming back.

Be sure to make your way back next week for Part III in our Disorganized Crime series. The next article, excitingly dubbed Disorganized Crime – Part III, will provide organizational and task-oriented checklists more specific to Forex traders. Come back to see what you can do about creating some direction in your forex learning and trading!