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I’ve been giving the insider scoop on brokers and regulatory agencies lately but now it’s time to get the 411 on what’s cooking on the home front. After all, the FX-men have been busy working like Santa’s elves coming up with new features for the site.

It’s not enough that you finish the School of Pipsology, read our blogs, or lurk in the forums. Here are more ways to make the most out of your experience!

1. Take the pip quizzes.

You’ve gone through the School of Pipsology and you’re excited to put your trading knowledge to the test. But how can you tell if you’ve REALLY got the lessons down pat?

That’s what the pip quizzes are for! Not only would they help you assess how much you’ve learned, they can also help you pinpoint your problem areas and which lessons you might need to review.

They are located after each School lesson to give you a quick review of what you just studied. You may also head on over to the forums to navigate through the quizzes.

In total, there are 43 multiple choice quizzes with over 500 questions to test your smarts. Log in using your forum account and your quiz scores will be automatically recorded and saved to your account which you can share to your friends online!

2. Follow the FX-men’s social media accounts

In this day and age, there’s no better way to get quick and timely updates on the hottest happenings than through social media.

This is why each of the FX-men have been commissioned (which to the older ones like Dr. Pipslow meant buying a few iPad apps) to constantly update their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

FX-men Twitter Facebook
Big Pippin @DailyChartArt Pippin Ain’t Easy
Cyclopip @Cyclopip Currency Cross-Eyed
Dr. Pipslow @Pipsychology Pipsychology
Forex Gump @BabyPips Piponomics
Forex Ninja @Espipionage Espipionage
Happy Pip @Happy_Pip Playing with ComDolls
Huck @LoonieAdventure Loonie Adventures of a Forex Noob
Pipcrawler @Pipcrawler Pick of the Day
Pip Diddy @Pipnoculars Pipnoculars
Pip Surfer @PipMySystem Pip My System
Queen Cleopiptra @RagheeHorner BabyPips
Robopip @Robopip Art of Automation

Each member of the FX-men has a niche when it comes to status updates. For instance, you’ll read the latest scoop on forex brokers, cheat sheets, and industry updates from me while you can get news on trading systems and robot jokes from Robopip.

If you wanna stay on top of everything that’s going on in the forex market, it’s better to follow all the FX-men accounts!

3. Subscribe to our daily newsletter

Want to get daily updates on the Top 5 in Forex News? Our daily newsletter has these goods and more!

Not only will our daily newsletter provide access to Pip Diddy’s Daily Forex Fundamentals and Big Pippin’s Daily Chart Art delivered straight to your mailbox, we also throw in links to the School Lesson and FX Term for the Day.

Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3 since you only need to input your email address in the pop-up window. We promise not to send you spam nor share your address with anyone else!

4. Follow Big Pippin’s Daily Chart Updates

Aside from giving you your daily dose of chart setups, Big Pippin also provides updates on how certain major currency pairs fared over the past 24 hours. Right now he’s looking at EUR/USD, AUD/USD and GBP/USD.

His chart updates show how these pairs reacted to daily and weekly open prices, previous day highs and lows, previous week highs and lows, as well as economic releases.

Make sure you bookmark or subscribe to these threads because keeping tabs on price patterns and tendencies can be helpful in deliberate practice as Dr. Pipslow suggests!

5. Check out the new and improved Forexpedia terms

Over the past few months, the FX-men and our minions have been working hard to add and update terms in our Forexpedia section. On top of that, we’ve also commissioned the help of Robopip to come up with a system to better organize terms into their corresponding categories. It’s really great to have a handy robot lying around!

Another feature that we’ve added to our Forexpedia section is the Related Articles portion. After reading the definition of each term, we figured that you’d like to see exactly how it’s applied in the real word so we included some links to relevant Piponomics articles and even trade blogs!

6. Introduce yourself to your fellow traders

Just recently, Dr. Pipslow launched the “Introduce Yourself” section in the forums where you can get to know your fellow traders, as well as the FX-men. This is an excellent way to get started in the community where we can all learn from each other.

Tons of traders have already started introducing themselves so don’t be shy! Make your post worthwhile by sharing where you’re from, what your trading experience is, why you’ve joined the best forex community on the planet, and anything else about yourself.

If you’re feeling extra friendly, you might want to include a photo of yourself in The Official Mugshots thread. Of course, make sure you follow the forum rules when posting!

That’s all I got for now but if there are any other features you’d like to see, we definitely welcome your suggestions. Just let us know through the comments section below!