Mervyn King is the Governor of the Bank of England

A former professor at London School of Economics, Harvard educated Mr. King is perhaps the most successful member of the current group of central bankers. Implementing what many analysts view as the “Goldilocks” monetary policy that is neither too restrictive nor too accommodative, he deftly increased interest rates to defuse the potentially dangerous speculative bubble in UK real estate and then just as quickly ceased the rate hikes preserving the country’s longest streak of uninterrupted growth in 200 years. Although some market observers dubbed Mr. King an “academically intimidating governor” who stifles debate within the BOE, his communication with the press has been remarkably even-handed presenting both the pros and cons of establishing a more restrictive monetary policy within the current context of UK economic growth. As someone who has repeatedly emphasized the need to take a long term view in formulating policy decisions, Mr. King is likely to assess a large body of data before implementing new policy direction.

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