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  1. Willing to learn in a long term basis

    Last post by eddieb in Beginner Questions

    47 Views / 3 Replies

  2. Overwhelming Scepticism About Trading

    Last post by zrrsys in Trading Discussion

    1,861 Views / 29 Replies

  3. Almost wiped my account

    Last post by pipstrend in Trading Psychology

    4,620 Views / 51 Replies

  4. Good Trend and Momentum

    New thread by OOD1 in Beginner Questions

    33 Views / 0 Replies

  5. Position size calculator

    Last post by sach_nyc in Beginner Questions

    179 Views / 6 Replies

  6. Do you record your trades?

    Last post by MoneyWolf in Beginner Questions

    2,645 Views / 56 Replies

  7. Complete Currency Dynamics

    Last post by MikeWolski in Currencies

    15,007 Views / 349 Replies

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