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An Ascending Triangle is usually a method of pattern trading based on a continuation pattern. Continuation patterns also include symmetrical triangles, descending triangles, wedges, flags, rectangles and pennants and are essentially technical patterns that are expected to lead to the continuation of an existing trend. Continuation patterns are considered a powerful trading tool as they usually result in extremely low risk trading opportunities and spectacular returns.

An ascending triangle demonstrated within a chart pattern is recognized as having a bullish position and occurs as a result of price highs and price lows that have begun to converge so that they, in effect, form a point. If a line is drawn above and below the pattern the top line will appear straight whilst the bottom will slope upwards at an angle.

Ascending triangles are considered to be at their most reliable when occurring on an uptrend, and a buy order should be placed on a breakout that heads up and out of the triangle. If however, the pattern is proved to be false, or if the ascending triangle pattern should fail, then it is advisable to sell when the market breaks out and below of the triangle.

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