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Session Time Currency Event Impact Actual Forecast Prev.
Sydney Tokyo 00:00 JPY Leading indicator (Prelim.) low 95.10 index 95.10 index 96.40 index
Sydney Tokyo 00:30 EUR French ILO Unemployment Rate low 10.00 % 9.90 % 9.80 %
Sydney Tokyo 00:45 CHF Unemployment (sa) med 2.90 % 3.10 % 3.10 %
Tokyo London 02:00 GBP Halifax House Price Index med -0.10 % 3m y/y -0.10 % 3m y/y -0.50 % 3m y/y
Tokyo London 02:00 GBP Halifax House Price Index med 0.40 % m/m 0.50 % m/m -2.40 % m/m
Tokyo London 02:15 CHF CPI med -1.00 % y/y -1.00 % y/y -1.00 % y/y
Tokyo London 02:15 CHF HICP med -1.10 % y/y -1.10 % y/y
Tokyo London 02:15 CHF CPI med 0.10 % m/m
Tokyo London 02:15 CHF HICP med -0.20 % m/m 0 % m/m
London 03:15 EUR EC VP Almunia to talk at European State Aid Law Conference low
London 03:28 GBP CIPS Services PMI high 53.30 index 52.40 index 53.30 index
London 04:00 EUR EC President Barroso to talk before Parliament Leaders on EU budget proposals low
London 04:45 USD Fed Bank of Boston President Rosengren takes part in "Global Outlook and Risks" before the IIF Spring Membership Meeting low
London 06:00 GBP BoE MPC Monetary Policy Announcement high
London 06:00 GBP BoE MPC - Base Rate high 0.50 % 0.50 % 0.50 %
London 06:00 GBP BoE MPC - APF Total low 325.00 GBP bn 325.00 GBP bn 325.00 GBP bn
London New York 07:30 USD Initial Claims med 380.00 k 378.00 k 389.00 k
London New York 08:00 USD Treasury Secretary Geithner and Undersecretary Brainard to talk at event on development banks low
London New York 09:00 CAD Ivey PMI med 60.50 index 54.50 index 52.70 index
London New York 09:00 USD Fed Chairman Bernanke to testify on the economic outlook before the congressional Joint Economic Committee low
New York 11:10 USD Fed Bank of Atlanta President Lockhart to talk on the economy and monetary policy low
New York 12:15 USD Fed Bank of Minneapolis President Kocherlakota to talk on "Monetary Policy Transparency: Changes and Challenges" low
New York 14:00 USD Consumer Credit med 9.95 USD bn 11.00 USD bn 12.37 USD bn
New York 14:30 USD Fed Board of Governors to hold open meeting on Bank Capital med
New York 14:30 USD Meeting held by Federal Reserve to vote on proposed rule to implement Basel III capital rules low
New York 14:30 USD Fed Bank of Dallas President Fisher to talk on "Implications of Reminbi internationalisation for the US and global economy" low
New York 15:10 USD Fed Bank of Chicago President Evans to discuss monetary policy and surrent economic conditions in a phone interview with CNBC low
Sydney Tokyo 18:50 JPY Current Account med 0.33 JPY tr 0.44 JPY tr 1.59 JPY tr
Sydney Tokyo 18:50 JPY GDP (Final) high 4.70 % q/q ann 4.50 % q/q ann 4.10 % q/q ann
Sydney Tokyo 18:50 JPY GDP (Final) high 1.20 % q/q 1.10 % q/q 1.00 % q/q
Sydney Tokyo 18:50 JPY Bank Lending Data low 0.30 % y/y 0.40 % y/y 0.40 % y/y
Sydney Tokyo 19:00 CAD Fitch Ratings 2012 Global Banking Conference to be held in Canada med
Sydney Tokyo 19:00 IMF chief Lagarde to talk at annual leaders dialogue low
Sydney Tokyo 20:30 AUD Housing Finance med 0.20 % m/m 0.30 % m/m
Sydney Tokyo 20:30 AUD Lending Finance low 1.70 % m/m -1.00 % m/m
Sydney Tokyo 20:30 AUD Trade Balance med -203.00 AUD mn -900.00 AUD mn -1,587.00 AUD mn
Sydney Tokyo 21:15 AUD RBA Governor Stevens to talk at Chamber of Commerce, Adelaide low
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