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Session Time Currency Event Impact Actual Forecast Prev.
Tokyo London 02:48 EUR French Services PMI med 45.10 index 45.20 index 45.20 index
Tokyo London 02:53 EUR German Services PMI med 51.80 Index 52.20 Index 52.20 Index
Tokyo London 02:58 EUR Composite PMI med 46.00 index 45.90 index 45.90 index
Tokyo London 02:58 EUR Services PMI med 46.70 index 46.50 index 46.50 index
London 04:00 EUR Retail Trade high -1.40 % m/m -0.10 % m/m 0.30 % m/m
London 04:00 EUR Retail Trade high -3.40 % y/y -1.10 % y/y -0.20 % y/y
London 05:00 EUR German Factory orders (nsa) med -3.40 % y/y -3.80 % y/y -0.20 % y/y
London 05:00 EUR German Factory orders (sa) med -1.40 % m/m -1.10 % m/m 3.20 % m/m
London 06:00 USD Fed Bank of Dallas President Fisher to talk on "The limits and powers of central banks" low
London New York 07:15 EUR Dutch Senate to discuss the eurozone's permanent bailout fund Esuropean Stability Mechanism (ESM) low
London New York 07:30 CAD Building permits med -4.40 % m/m -1.50 % m/m 4.90 % m/m
London New York 08:00 CAD BoC - Overnight Rate high 1.00 % 1.00 % 1.00 %
London New York 09:00 USD Ism non-manufacturing high 53.70 index 53.50 index 53.50 index
London New York 09:00 USD Congressional Budget Office releases 2012 Long-Term Budget Outlook low
New York 12:00 USD US Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs Brainard to present keynote remarks for "The Future of Development: Politics, Policies, and the Challenges Ahead" low
New York 13:15 USD Fed Bank of St Louis President Bullard to talk on "Housing in America: Innovative solutions to address the needs of tomorrow" low
New York 16:00 NZD Government Financial Statements released med
Sydney Tokyo 18:01 GBP BRC Shop Price index low 1.50 % y/y 1.50 % y/y 1.30 % y/y
Sydney Tokyo 18:15 USD Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Evans to talk before Money Marketeers in NY low
Sydney Tokyo 19:00 EUR French FinMin Moscovici to hold news conference low
Sydney Tokyo 19:00 EUR EU to meet Croatian Officials low
Sydney Tokyo 20:30 AUD GDP high 1.30 % q/q 0.60 % q/q 0.40 % q/q
Sydney Tokyo 20:30 AUD GDP high 4.30 % y/y 3.30 % y/y 2.30 % y/y
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