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New Home Sales close
# Revised Better / Worse Units: k
Impact Actual Forecast Previous Time Date
Med 343.00 335.00 332.00 09:00 5/23


U.S. Bureau of the Census


The New Home Sales reports the monthly change in the number of homes sold but were still waiting for its closing transaction. The data does not include new construction.



Why should I care?

The New Home Sales report is a lagging indicator of mortgage rates. The median sales price section of the report is also usually taken as a measure of currency inflation in housing-sector industries.


The OlsenScale (SMQ)

The Olsen Scale quantifies the market activity according to the Scale of Market Quakes (SMQ).

Similar to the Richter scale which measures the release of seismic energy during an earthquake, the SMQ relates excessive pricing along various price and time scales to historical data by assigning a single number to it. On a constant basis, the scale therefore characterizes the state of the market.

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Released: May 23, 2012 9:00
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