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Falling Gold Prices and the Forex Market

Back in January, I shared 3 reasons why gold prices could slide for the rest of 2013. Is gold in for more losses for the last stretch of the year? What does this mean for the forex market? Read more

The 2 Main Reasons Why Gold is Falling

Regarded by many as the ultimate safe haven in times of turmoil, gold has always done well in the midst of uncertainty. But alas! It seems that the tides have changed! The value of the commodity has been plummeting in the past few days. Has gold finally lost its luster? Read more

3 Reasons Why Gold Prices May Drop in 2013

Is it just me or is gold starting to lose its luster? Read on for three reasons why the precious metal might slip down the charts in 2013! Read more

Another Day, Another See-Saw Battle

As expected, the Dollar got pushed back down by the Euro and Sterling today after rallying slightly yesterday. With the lack of economic reports, traders have come to a gridlock on the Buck. Read more

Swissy and Yen make a nice run

Although the Eurozone showed positive reports with the ZEW economic survey, it was the Swiss Franc and Yen that made the biggest gains against the Dollar… Read more