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FOMC Statement Trading Guide: Q&A Edition

When the U.S. Federal Reserve speaks, the world listens. Here’s a newbie-friendly guide to tell you all you need to know about this week’s FOMC statement! Read more

Cable Topping Out at These Levels?

While I let my short EUR/USD trade marinate, I decided to peruse the charts for long-term opportunities. Looks like I’ve got an idea on GBP/USD! Read more

3 Central Bank Events To Watch Out For

It’s bound to be an exciting trading week with three central bank events lined up! What can we expect from each event? Read more

5 Takeaways from the December FOMC Statement

Was that an early Christmas present to dollar bulls or what?! Here are the five main takeaways from the December FOMC statement and what these could mean for the Greenback next year. Read more

Strong November NFP: Go Signal for the Fed to Taper?

Surprise, surprise! The U.S. released another impressive NFP figure for November, but is the labor market really recovering? Here are the main takeaways from the latest jobs release. Read more

So The Yuan is About to Get Stronger. So What?

Looks like China is getting tired of its label as a currency manipulator! Here’s how a stronger yuan could impact the global economies and the other major currencies. Read more

Risk Environment & My Fave Individual Currency Stories

I’ve been focusing in on the U.S. Dollar Index downtrend and this plays an important part of my current EUR/USD and NZD/USD trades… Read more

Consolidation Break on USD/CHF?

Good morning forex friends!  With the September US NFP report finally coming out this week, the focus remains on the US and the Greenback.  Is the small movement in USD/CHF an opportunity for quick momentum? Read more

Daily Forex Fundamentals – October 15, 2013

A big lift in risk sentiment made a day of bank holidays more interesting that previously expected. See how it all made currencies move and what to expect for the next session! Read more

Weekly Watch: USD/JPY & GBP/USD

Good morning forex friends! I just wanted to share what I’m watching at the moment: USD/JPY and GBP/USD. Read more