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3 Tips on Sustaining Changes in Forex Trading

It’s the start of a brand new trading quarter, fellas! How are your forex trading resolutions holding up? If you think you could use a little help sticking to your goals, here are three tips on sustaining changes. Read more

How to Trade Outside Your Comfort Zone

Once you are comfortable with a tried-and-tested forex strategy, you might want to consider trading outside your comfort zone. Here are three tips to help you get started. Read more

Are You a Greedy Forex Trader?

Why is greed one of the most dangerous emotions for a forex trader and how can you avoid falling victim to this? Read more

Stop Predicting Forex Price Action!

Enough experience in the forex market can delude some traders into believing that they can predict price action. This can be a dangerous assumption and here’s why. Read more

3 Guidelines for Proper Forex Trade Execution

In forex trading, preparation is only half the battle. So what makes up the other half? Execution. Here are some tips to help you manage your open trades. Read more

2 Ways to Battle Uncertainty in Forex Trading

As the global economy faces the possibility of slowing down again and as political leaders struggle amongst each other to resolve conflict, what can we do to prevent uncertainty from crippling us with fear in forex trading? Read more

Why Is Proper Position Sizing Important?

Risk management can determine whether you live to trade another day or not so it is important to understand and practice proper position sizing. Read more

Dealing With Trading Frustration

Frustration may be an occupational hazard for forex traders but it’s possible to deal with this negative emotion and prevent it from affecting your trading decisions. Read more

How to Adjust to Changing Trading Conditions

Volatility has been picking up these days so you need to consider making the necessary adjustments to catch shorter-term price moves. How can you stay consistently profitable in ever-changing market conditions? Read more

5 Qualities of a Good Forex Trading Mentor

I’ve always been a firm believer that no trader is an island. No matter who you are, when trading gets tough, having someone to guide you can help the journey more bearable. But how can one find a good trading mentor? Read more