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Forex Snapshot: Global Manufacturing PMI

What the heck is a manufacturing PMI report and why is it important for investors? Let’s take a look at the latest manufacturing PMI releases of the major economies. Read more

London Session Recap – February 27, 2014

The forex market is starting to kick for the first time this week thanks to catalysts from all different angles during the London session. Read more

London Session Recap – February 4, 2014

Nice price action for sterling this morning while the Aussie holds onto its gains from the Asia session. Check it out and see what’s coming up for the US session! Read more

Is That a Top on Cable?

A few weeks ago, I shared a weekly chart of GBP/USD and how it was hitting the top of long-term range. Is it now time to short Cable? Read more

What’s Next for the Aussie?

Do you remember that surprise rate hike from the RBA a few weeks ago? It came as quite a shocker to the markets! What are the odds of another rate hike happening again? Read more

Daily Economic Roundup – July 23, 2009

Side wards was the theme of the day yesterday as most major currency pairs just drifted within relatively tight ranges. What’s in store for us in today’s economic cupboard? Check it out! Read more