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Why Is Proper Position Sizing Important?

Risk management can determine whether you live to trade another day or not so it is important to understand and practice proper position sizing. Read more

Dealing With Trading Frustration

Frustration may be an occupational hazard for forex traders but it’s possible to deal with this negative emotion and prevent it from affecting your trading decisions. Read more

Don’t Give Up on Your Trading Plan!

Tempted to abandon your trading plan? Don’t give up on it just yet! You might simply be guilty of these psychological pitfalls. Read more

Can You Trade Outside Your Comfort Zone?

Trading outside your comfort zone can be as simple as taking the next valid trade despite a string of losses or trading during a different trading session. Read more

Why Is Proper Position Sizing Important?

We here at BabyPips.com believe that proper position sizing is THE single most important skill a trader should have. Yup, that’s right – it’s THAT critical! Read more

Summary: Risk Management

Make sure that your risk management rules are in place and that you follow them at all times. You don’t want to lose your shirt! Read more