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Forex Review: U.K. Retail Sales

Let’s take closer look at the U.K.’s consumer spending numbers and how it can affect the pound and the U.K. economy. Read more

Should You Be Worried About U.S. Retail Sales?

Heads up! The U.S. economy printed a dismal retail sales report, which wasn’t so much of a surprise given the slack in the labor market. What does this mean for the U.S. dollar? Read more

U.K. Consumer Spending – Saved By The Small Retailers!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! After printing data misses, the U.K. finally scored a hit with the retail sales release! How will the better-than-expected report affect the outlook for the pound? Read more

Retracement Play on GBP/USD! – Trade Closed

That moment when your support scenario turned out to be a break-and-retest setup. Yikes! Read more

9 Economic Events You Can Trade This Week

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Is it a Hawk? Is it a Plane? Oh no, It’s a Dove!

Just as expected, the Bank of Canada (BOC) hiked their benchmark rate from 0.50% to 0.75% in their recent statement. Will they go for 1.00% this year or is 0.75% as good as it gets? Read more

What the Heck is Retail Sales and Why Should I Care?

The US retail sales comes out tomorrow and it’s a biggie. It’s important to know what the report is all about. Consumer spending makes up a whooping 70% of all US economic activity. Retail sales account for one-third of that. If consumers keep spending, it’s a sign of overall economic growth. Read more