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Reflecting on My Q4 2013 Performance

It’s about time to call 2013 a wrap, but before I do, gotta do my quarterly performance review. Let’s see what kind of mistakes I made, and how I can do better for 2014. Read more

Forex Newbies: Embrace Self-Coaching! pt. 2

The self-coaching process is very simple and at a bare minimum, only requires three things: 1.) a trading journal, 2.) lots of self reflection and being honest about yourself, and 3.) writing it all down. Read more

Reflecting on My Q3 2013 Performance

With September in the rear view window, it’s time to do that beloved trading task of quarterly performance review. Or in my case, not so beloved with the third quarter being one of the roughest for me yet. Read more

Q3 2013 Trading Performance Review

It’s October and y’all know what that means!? It’s time for my Q3 review! Read more