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2 Takeaways From The BOJ Statement

The BOJ’s latest policy statement might not be as explosive as last month, but investors still found a couple of points worth noting. Check it out! Read more

BOJ: “Keep Calm And Stick to The Plan”

The BOJ was scheduled to fire the first salvo among today’s tier 1 reports and it sure didn’t disappoint! What the heck did the central bank say that made the yen reverse its intraday losses?! Read more

3 Reasons Why Yen Pairs Could Keep Rallying

Yen pairs have been soaring to new heights recently, reaching levels not tested since 2008, but will the rallies last? Here are some reasons why yen pairs might keep climbing. Read more

Buying into the EUR/JPY Uptrend – Closed

I closed my long EUR/JPY trade for a small gain after the pair failed to break 135.00 and on some recent yen strength. Read more

Weekly Watch: USD/JPY & GBP/USD

Good morning forex friends! I just wanted to share what I’m watching at the moment: USD/JPY and GBP/USD. Read more

Swing Short on USD/JPY – Trade Closed

While it wasn’t a huge market mover, yesterday’s FOMC meeting minutes showed how the members were comfortable with trimming stimulus this year. This was very USD bullish as the Greenback fell against the majors. Read more