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Scaling into a EUR/GBP Short

I pointed out a pullback scenario on EUR/GBP with potential. Is it another opportunity to play the forex downtrend or a reversal in the works? Read more

Forex Trade Orders: EUR/AUD Short Setup

Just when I thought I already got left behind on this EUR/AUD downtrend, the pair made a move higher yesterday and climbed close to my entry area. I’m considering scaling in though, and here’s my plan: Read more

Is China Starting to Bounce Back?

Hard to imagine that forex traders worried about an emerging markets crisis when China has been pumping out impressive economic figures lately. Read more

Taking Another Shot at EUR/NZD

EUR/NZD has been in a long-time downtrend and after pulling back for the past few weeks, it looks like sellers may have taken back control. Read more


Since it’s a holiday weekend, I thought I’d quickly share an update on my thoughts for my two open forex blog trades. Read more

London Session Recap – April 17, 2014

Light on data but that doesn’t mean the forex market stood still thanks to trends in the comdolls, & volatility spikes for the euro & pound. Read more

Dissecting a Pair

This week, I discuss the importance of knowing the story of an individual symbol before jumping into correlations and other related markets. Read more

London Session Recap – April 16, 2014

It was an explosive day for the British Pound thanks to much better-than-expected unemployment data. Read more

Hopping Back into NZD Long

As I let my long USD/JPY forex trade marinate, the pullback in NZD/JPY is another opportunity for me to play my bullish NZD bias. Read more

Rising Trendline Play on Guppy

In this week’s Weekly Watch, I mentioned that GBP/JPY is retesting a potentially strong inflection point around 170.00. Will it hold or fold? Read more