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Roundup: Central Banker Speeches

Before you trade the much-awaited NFP report, let’s have a quick roundup of what the central bankers have been saying so far this week. Read more

Reviewing This Week’s Central Bank Statements

Before you trade the much-awaited NFP report, let’s review what the major central banks had to say and how they affected the major currencies’ price action! Read more

What to Expect From the BOE and ECB Statements

We have not one, but TWO central banks publishing their monetary policy decisions tomorrow! What can we expect from the BOE and ECB and which pairs should you watch out for? Read more

The ECB Takes a Chill Pill on Adding More Stimulus

Draghi’s press conferences always livens up the euro’s trading and this month’s release is no exception. What exactly did Super Mario Draghi say to cause such a jump in the euro? Read more

Looking for a Pullback on EUR/USD – Closed

I got the pullback that I was looking for but the story quickly changed for the euro thanks to Draghi and a positive surprise on German data. With the market ticking lower a bit, I decided to get outta this trade quickly! Read more