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Break and Retest Play on USD/JPY

I don’t always see technical setups as good as this, but when I do, I take it! Here’s what I found on USD/JPY’s 4-hour chart. Read more

Trade: Short USD/CHF At Market

I’m looking at a possible day trade setup on USD/CHF! Here’s what I have in mind. Read more

Day Trade Setup: EUR/USD Uptrend

Here’s a quick EUR/USD trade that I’m planning to make. What do you think of my setup? Read more

Trade: Retracement Trade on USD/JPY

Is it time to buy back the Greenback? This USD/JPY setup certainly suggests so! Read more

Taper Talks Dominate the Greenback in 2013

The dollar index might be composed of several major currencies but its price action sure didn’t show it! Check out how the Fed’s taper plans dominated the Greenback’s price action in 2013. Read more

Long USD/JPY at Rising Trendline – Closed

Good morning! Here’s a quick review of my USD/JPY long position after my stop adjustment yesterday. Read more

What’s the Deal With China’s Repo Rate Spike?

Yesterday the Asian markets got an unexpected volatility spike on news from China. What’s the big deal with the 7-day repo rate anyway? Read more