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Forex Snapshot: Global Manufacturing PMI

What the heck is a manufacturing PMI report and why is it important for investors? Let’s take a look at the latest manufacturing PMI releases of the major economies. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: Canadian GDP Report

We’re down to the last GDP reports this week! Let’s zoom in on the Canadian GDP and see how you can sneak in a few pips from its release. Read more

Another Chinese Manufacturing Industry Meltdown?

Newsflash! China’s HSBC flash manufacturing PMI just hit a 7-month low at 48.3, weaker than the estimated 49.4 reading. How AUD/USD reacted the last time this happened is interesting. Read more

China: Goodbye to “GDP Worship?”

Is the Chinese government ready to strive for a consumption-based growth rather than a consumption-based one? Read more

Aussie Goes Down Under in 2013

And the winner for the Best Dive of 2013 goes to… the Australian dollar! Take a look at the factors that pushed this currency down under for almost the entire year. Read more

3 Reasons Why NZD Isn’t Done Rallying Yet

While you’re busy with your USD and EUR trades, this lil’ comdoll has been making huge moves. What’s more, it doesn’t look like it’s done popping up! Here’s why. Read more

What’s the Deal With China’s Repo Rate Spike?

Yesterday the Asian markets got an unexpected volatility spike on news from China. What’s the big deal with the 7-day repo rate anyway? Read more