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Forex Update: Jumping on GBP/USD’s Uptrend

I’m letting this setup go for now so I can have a fresh start in Q2 2014. Here’s why I canceled my GBP/USD orders. Read more

Forex Review: U.K. Retail Sales

Let’s take closer look at the U.K.’s consumer spending numbers and how it can affect the pound and the U.K. economy. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Major Central Bank Policies and Biases

Now that the dust has settled on the Fed’s decision, it’s time to take a snapshot of the latest policy decisions and biases of the major central banks. Check it! Read more

Update: Time for Another GBP/USD Bounce?

What a giant ball of disappointment! All of my positions are finally closed and the results have given me the perfect excuse to ring up my old friends Ben and Jerry. Read more

Update: Time for Another GBP/USD Bounce?

Time to lessen my risk exposure ahead of the MPC minutes! Here’s what I plan to do. Read more

3 Forex Factors Weighing Down the Pound

After showing a bit of weakness in recent trading, it looks like the pound could be in for more losses later on. Check out these three reasons why the pound is looking heavier. Read more

Roundup: Central Banker Speeches

Before you trade the much-awaited NFP report, let’s have a quick roundup of what the central bankers have been saying so far this week. Read more

5 Events Could Cause Volatility Spikes Tomorrow

Who needs the NFP Friday when you have FIVE major reports coming up? Here are the economic events that you should watch out for tomorrow. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.K. GDP (Second Estimate)

The U.K. is next to show its GDP numbers this week! Here are tips and tricks to help you sneak in a couple of pips. Read more

Trading Guide: BOE MPC Meeting Minutes

The Bank of England is set to print the minutes of its latest monetary policy meeting tomorrow. Should we expect another strong pound rally this time? Read more