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3 Main Takeaways From The FOMC Statement

What did the Fed say during the awaited FOMC statement and how did it affect the dollar’s price action? It’s all in here, folks! Read more

Update: Jumped on EUR/USD’s Uptrend!

I decided to take off my position ahead of the FOMC statement! Here’s what happened to my trade. Read more

FOMC Minutes: More Taper Clues?

What are the odds of another Fed taper taking place soon? You might be able to find some clues in the latest FOMC meeting minutes so here’s a quick rundown of what happened. Read more

Taper Talks Dominate the Greenback in 2013

The dollar index might be composed of several major currencies but its price action sure didn’t show it! Check out how the Fed’s taper plans dominated the Greenback’s price action in 2013. Read more

The BOJ and Fed Double Team the Yen in 2013

Now that we’re done with the comdolls, let’s take a look at the epic fall of the yen against the dollar. Which factors contributed to the yen’s downfall in 2013? Read more

5 Takeaways from the December FOMC Statement

Was that an early Christmas present to dollar bulls or what?! Here are the five main takeaways from the December FOMC statement and what these could mean for the Greenback next year. Read more

Selling USD/CHF on a Pullback – Closed

A wicked week of volatility for the Dollar, one that saw enough volatility to get in and out of my trade much quicker than anticipated. Read more