The U.S. Dollar Index

If U.S. stocks have an index, so does the U.S. dollar! Read up on the dollar index and learn how you can use it in your trading!

Lessons on The U.S. Dollar Index

  • What is the US Dollar Index?

    The dollar index is made up of six foreign currencies and includes 24 countries.

  • How to Read the US Dollar Index

    Be as awesome as Queen Cleopiptra and learn how to read the U.S. dollar index!

  • Trade-Weighted Dollar Index

    The Fed wanted to measure the dollar's value more accurately so they came up with the Trade-weighted dollar index. How is it different from the U.S. dollar index?

  • How to Use the USDX for Forex Trading

    Whenever you feel doubtful of the market outlook for the U.S. dollar, look no further than the U.S. dollar index because it will provide a clearer picture!

  • The Dollar Smile Theory

    Have you ever wondered why the dollar rallies in the good times and in the bad? Smile! You're about to find out why.