Country Profiles

Get ready to go around the world… (hopefully) in less than 80 days! Learn about the economies of the 8 major currencies!

Lessons on Country Profiles

  • The Forex Trader's Guide to Major Economies

    More important than the geeky facts and figures, you'll learn about trading tactics--along with a few bits of cool trivia that you can use on awkward dates.

  • United States of America

    Ever wonder why the dollar is called the "buck?" Wonder no more!

  • Euro Zone

    Quick! Can you name the countries that make up the Euroland? Clue: There are seventeen of them.

  • United Kingdom

    The U.K. has the bragging right in having the oldest central bank in the world. Word.

  • Japan

    Japan made it up the list of the most advanced economies because of its massive exports. Can you imagine a world without karaoke, the Gameboy, or the Prius? That's right, we didn't think so.