Scaling In and Out

Don't worry! We won't tell you to weigh yourselves before and after your trades. Instead, this section will teach you how to get creative when making pips!

Lessons on Scaling In and Out

  • Scaling In And Out Of Positions

    Scaling is one of the most important strategies in risk management that you need to learn to be consistently profitable. It can help you adjust your overall risk, lock in profits, and maximize your profit potential.

  • How To Scale Out Of Positions

    "I'm winning. Should I keep my trade open or should I close it?" The answer doesn't need to be just one of those... Sometimes, you can actually choose to do both!

  • How To Scale In Positions

    Adding to a losing position is considered as a no-no by many traders, but it's possible to do safely. Learn how.

  • How To Add To Winning Positions

    While it may lead to a higher level of risk sometimes, if done correctly, adding to an open winning position gives you the ability to increase your maximum profit.

  • Summary: Scaling In and Out Trades

    Knowing the correct way of scaling in and out of trades is essential. Manage your trade properly and sooner or later, you will catch that one move that will bank you some serious money!