Senior Year

Categories in Senior Year

  • Risk Management

    Be a trader, not a gambler! Read on to find out the difference between the two.

  • The Number 1 Cause of Death of Forex Traders

    Just because brokers allow you to open an account with only 25 USD doesn't mean you should. That is, unless you want to fail.

  • Position Sizing

    Position sizing is setting the correct amount of units of a currency pair to buy or sell.

  • Setting Stop Losses

    Stop losses not only help you limit your losses and help you move on, they also eliminate the anxiety caused by losing on an unplanned trade.

  • Scaling In and Out

    Don't worry! We won't tell you to weigh yourselves before and after your trades. Instead, this section will teach you how to get creative when making pips!

  • Currency Correlations

    Have you ever noticed that when a certain currency pair rises, another currency pair falls? Somehow, they're all connected.