Elliott Wave Theory

Have you ever heard of a charting technique that actually takes into account market psychology? If you haven't, it's time for you to get to know Mr. Ralph Neison Elliott.

Lessons on Elliott Wave Theory

  • Elliott Wave Theory

    Amidst all the chaos in the market, Mr. Elliott found order. The Elliot Wave Theory gives us a way to identify highly probable points where price is most likely to reverse.

  • Impulse Waves

    According to Elliot, a trending market moves in a 5-3 pattern. Find out what that means here.

  • Corrective Waves

    The Zig-Zag, the Flat, and the Triangle are all types of ABC correction wave formations.

  • Elliott Waves Within an Elliott Wave

    Always remember that each wave is comprised of smaller wave patterns and that this pattern tends to repeat itself FOREVER.

  • 3 Cardinal Rules of the Elliott Wave Theory

    Before you jump right into applying the Elliott Wave Theory to your trading, you must take note of the following three cardinal rules.