School’s Over! Now What?

So now you’ve finished the School of Pipsology. Are you ready to step into the real trading world? Before you enter the wild and wacky world of forex, we believe that it’s always important to give back and help out in the community.

Drop by the forums and you’ll find the coolest cats in the forex community. Meet other rookie traders in Newbie Island. Brush up on your fundamental analysis by strolling through Fundamentalville. Join the search for the “Holy Grail” trading system and learn to live like rockstars just like our honorary FX-Men!

Absorb as much as you can and learn from your fellow traders. Remember, it’s better to check and educate yourself before you wreck yourself!

Next, get to know the successful graduates of the School and find out what they’re up to now.


The greatest forex monster who ever lived

Back in High School, we talked about how currency crosses present more trading opportunities as well as cleaner trends and ranges. Lucky for you, we’ve got the guy (err… monster) who’s an expert in trading those cross-currency pairs. Cyclopip may have just one eye but it’s pretty darn sharp when it comes to spotting big winners on the crosses!

Have we mentioned that Cyclopip is also our resident sports fanatic? You see, back in the day when his ale belly was barely visible, Cyclopip was the reigning MVP of the CBA (Caveman Basketball Association). So if you dig currency crosses or hoops, make sure you check out Cyclopip’s Currency Cross-Eyed trading blog because this superstar sure knows how to make it rain buckets and pips!

Happy Pip

Lady of the Comdolls

If you need proof that diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend, look no further than Happy Pip, our lady trader for commodity-related currencies or comdolls! This Daisy Dukes-lovin’ party girl gets her kicks by watching gold and oil, especially if she spots good trades on her favorite Aussie, Loonie, and Kiwi pairs.

Not a lot of people know this, but Happy Pip used to be a cheerleader back in high school. That should explain the huge smile that’s always on her face! She even gets to do her “happy dance” if she wins a trade on her Playing with Comdolls blog. If you need somebody to perk up your day, make sure you go Happy Pip’s way!


The barrista forex trader

The youngest in the bunch is Huck, a young barista and part-time forex trader. She normally has her hands full just like all you yuppies out there, but luckily, she was able to find time to develop her own HLHB mechanical trading system!

Since she still considers herself a newbie in the forex world, Huck decided to stick with the major currency pairs first. Don’t underestimate her though. She is fully capable of bagging hundreds of pips with her gutsy trade ideas! Check out her blog called “The Loonie Adventures of a Forex Noob” and don’t hesitate to give her a shout out!

Queen Cleopiptra

Raghee Horner is Queen Cleopiptra

Back in college, we talked about the importance of intermarket analysis. We told you that you should keep an eye on the dollar index, as well as intermarket correlations with commodities and equities.

Now, this won’t be easy at first, so we’ve invited Raghee Horner as a guest blogger and crowned her Queen Cleopiptra!

In her Chartology blog, Queen Cleopiptra discusses price action, chart setups, volatility, market cycles and the psychology as to why the markets move the way they do.

In addition, her Highness also talks about the gold, oil, the dollar index, and equity markets and their potential effect on overall risk sentiment and the forex market. If you wanna be the best at intermarket analysis, she’s the woman you need to go to!

Jack The Pipper


Ever turn on the tube and flip to the news channel and see that a billion dollar deal pushed through? Or that Company A bought out Company B for X kajillion euros? Ever wonder how it will affect the currency market?

Luckily for you, Jack “The Pipper” Crooks is here to tell us all about how moolah flows! In his Currency Currents blog, Jack focuses on the key factors that help drive the flow of global capital in and out of equities, fixed incomes markets, commodities and currencies.

So never fear, Jack’s got yo’ back! Once you understand what makes the world of money go round, some of that cash will flow right into yo lil’ piggy bank!

There you have it! If you ever feel lost in the forex jungle, you can always count on these friendly guys and gals to help you out. Now go forth and catch those pips!

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