Mario Monti

Mario Monti is the current Prime Minister of Italy.

Mario Monti graduated with a degree in economics and management from Bocconi University before pursuing graduate studies at Yale. He spent almost a decade in Brussels, not for Belgium’s world-famous beer and chocolates, but because he took on the position of EU commissioner.

During his term, Monti had established a reputation as an official who is cool under pressure and has a very good understanding of business and economics. Political analysts say that because of his extensive knowledge about economics, he will most likely form a technocrat government and fill his cabinet with technical experts instead of politicians.

In November 2011 Monti was invited by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to form a new government after his predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi, resigned from his post in November 12, 2011. Monti was sworn in as the 54th Italian Prime Minister in November 16, 2011, just a week after Napolitano appointed him as Senator for Life.

Monti has also worked as an international advisor to Goldman Sachs and was a member of the advisory board of the Coca-Cola Company.

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