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The ISM Non Manufacturing Survey provides for a detailed look at the economy from a non manufacturing standpoint. ISM, or Institute for Supply Management, provides this survey each month, based on the previous month’s data. The data of the previous month is analyzed and the report is provided on the third business day of the month following its close. The data provided is based on the entire United States data, as a whole.

This survey reports new orders index percentages, as well as employment index percentages. This information is based on a collection of 375 purchasing executives’ surveys from those that are working in the non manufacturing industries throughout the country. The surveys are collected then compared to the previous month’s data to show any change or predictors in the economy. While these surveys are provided based on data supplied by these agents, they are not a definite indicator of the economy. Rather the report should be regarded as one of several tools offered to rate the risks and the market trends happening. ISM provides several other surveys, including ISM Manufacturing Survey for this purpose.

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