Frequently Asked Questions

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The Basics

What is all about?
We’re all about helping forex traders help themselves. We have the School of Pipsology, a global community of forex traders on our forums, handy forex tools like the Economic Calendar and our forexpedia, and finally, trading blogs that are constantly updated with market analysis!All that for free!
Can I start a blog on
The Blogs section is not open for changes by the public. We have our own team of kickass writers dedicated to updating the Blogs section. If a spot opens up, we’ll definitely let you know! (You never know, Huck may one day find the man of her dreams and decide to focus on that! Or maybe Robopip will need to go back to… which planet is he from again?)
Do you offer in other languages?
Nope. No. Nein. Not yet anyways. But we are currently working on translating the School of Pipsology in additional languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and maybe Chinese. Several languages to follow, so no need to worry! Other areas will be translated soon after that. This does take a lot of time and work, so please be patient and stay tuned!
Do you offer mobile/email updates for new blog posts?
No direct mobile updates (i.e., text messages), but you can always subscribe via Twitter, RSS feeds and email subscriptions. It’s easy to set up for the notifications to be pushed to your mobile.
I want to learn forex. How?
If you’re eager to start learning about forex trading, we suggest that you make your way over to the School of Pipsology, our very own guide for teaching beginners how to trade the foreign currency exchange market. We start you off in Preschool, teaching you the basics of Forex, and from there you’ll learn more complex subjects all the way to Graduation. This is all self-study, done at your own pace.To compliment the learning at the School of Pipsology, we also provide regularly updated blogs, a community forum where you can exchange questions and answers with other registered members, our Forexpedia of forex terms and definitions, and several tools like calculators and a calendar.
How do I register with What do I get?
Sign-up and that’s it! What do you get? You get the whole awesomeness of the team and community!It’s totally FREE and there’s nothing to buy but tons to gain!

School of Pipsology Questions

Where can I get the PDF? Is there one?
For the current and super awesome version of the School of Pipsology, we only have an online presence and nothing in printable or electronic format. Before you think of creating one for yourself or even for distribution though, here’s why we discourage that:The School of Pipsology is something we worked really hard on. Countless hours of research and writing were spent to make this all come together and the best way for you guys to support it is to go to our website and read it from there. (After all, it is free!)

Still want them PDFs? You might want to check out our current PDFs available online:

Do you have a printable version of the School?
No. We want to save the Earth! Go green yo!
I heard you have a PDF for sale? Is this true? I can’t find where to buy it.
It used to be true. We don’t offer the PDF for sale anymore, and we haven’t sold it for over two years now. But you can always come visit the online version of the School! It’s FREE!
Can I have a copy of the School of Pipsology PDF?
Nope. Sorry, you can’t! We don’t have one.
What happened to the quizzes found in the School? Are you bringing them back?
Definitely! We removed them when we upgraded the School in 2010. Because the content changed, the quiz questions changed, too. We’ve been working on updating the questions to reflect all of the new content and making sure we have everything in place.
Why is the School not remembering my progress?
Uh oh, this sounds like a browser cookie issue. The “remember” feature of the new School is not actually tied to your user account, but to your computer, or more specifically, your web browser. You must have cookies enabled for this feature to work.Also, your browser may be deleting cookies when closed, as a security precaution. Please confirm that cookies are enabled and that they are not being deleted when the browser is closed.

If security is a concern and you want to delete cookies, every browser provides a way to save specific cookies while getting rid of the rest. The procedure to do this is browser-specific, but a quick Internet search should get you fixed. If that doesn’t work holler at us via

I just finished the School of Pipsology. Now what?
You might want to start with the Cowabunga System. It was developed by our very own Pip Surfer as an example of how to create your own system; he’s even dedicated a weekly blog for it. The blog has been available for some time now but if for some very strange reason, you haven’t heard of it yet, may want to read the FAQ on it.Finally, have a look at our Forums, which has also covered the Cowabunga System since 2007.

We hope this helps in the formulation of your very own system! Good luck!

Account-Related Questions

Why can’t I access
Let’s get you fixed then! We’ll need you to provide us more details as to what you’re experiencing like error messages you’ve received, your IP address, what you were doing before you were unable to access a specific page, etc. With all this information, we can assist you better AND faster. Send them to
Why can’t I activate my account?
Try clicking on the verification link we sent you after you signed-up. Check your spam folder in case it went there. If that doesn’t work, you can always ask for another verification link via and we’ll send you one ASAP!
What’s wrong with my username? Why can’t I use this username?
Nothing’s wrong with your username, someone just beat you to it. Let’s think of something else! If you can’t think of anything, maybe you can talk to us on Twitter and we can come up with a crazy name for you!
Can I change my username?
But of course! Just drop us a message via with your prefered username and we’ll do it for you! Remember to email us using your registered email address though!
How do I change or reset my password?
To change your password, just log in and go to your User Control Panel. To reset your password or username: Just click on this link and we’ll have it sent to your registered email address!
How do I post a question in your forums?
Here are the easy peasy steps to post a question on the Forums:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Head over to the Forums.
  3. Select a sub-forum where you want to post your question (such as Newbie Island).
  4. If asking a new question, click on the POST NEW THREAD button located below the Announcement section. Type in your title and question, and then click the SUBMIT NEW THREAD button.
  5. If replying to an existing thread, find the thread you want to respond to or participate in.
  6. Within the thread, click on the REPLY button located on the lower right hand side of the first post. You can also use the QUICK REPLY section found below the last post to quickly add your comments without the advanced posting settings.
How do I view the oldest post first in the forums?
With magic! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the Forums tab if not already there.
  3. Click “UserCP” at the top of the page (Forum | UserCP | Chat Room | What’s New?)
  4. Select “General Settings.”
  5. Move down to the “Thread Display Mode” section, and select “Linear – Oldest First” from the drop-down.”
  6. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
  7. Voila! You can now enjoy viewing your forum threads with the oldest post on top!
Why is my email/IP address banned?
It is highly possible that your email/IP address is being blocked by us for either spam purposes or for excessive copying/downloading of our content. Excessive downloading leads to performance issues for the entire community and we ask that you discontinue doing it.If this sounds like your problem, please send us an email via
Can I cancel/delete my account? How do I do it?
You’re leaving us? But why? :(If you could send us an email (to using your registered email address requesting for your account to be cancelled and why, we’ll reluctantly send you a confirmation email. Remember this though, we’ll always be here for you, waiting. Register again when the right time comes.
Why can’t I post / view files in the forums?
One reason that you’re not able to post or view files is because you are not logged in. Did you make sure you are? What? You don’t have an account? Well then, it’s time to register!

Business Opportunities

Can I advertise with you?
Yes you can! IF you’re a direct broker, banner-only advertising kinda guy. But we’re open to other broker relationships and offers as well.
Can I link to your website?
You can definitely link to our website! We’d be honored!
Can I translate the School of Pipsology for you?
We understand that English isn’t the primary language of most of the world, and that a translation of our content to a new language would open up education to more people. But we do not allow the copying and/or redistributing of our content. This would be similar to licensing our content, which we do not offer.Linking to our content, however, is definitely allowed. We’re hoping to roll out new languages of the School of Pipsology in the coming year.
Can I advertise my non-forex product with you?
Advertisements are only open to forex brokers at the moment.
Can I copy your stuff?
Unfortunately, we do not allow the copying and/or redistributing of our content. This would be similar to licensing our content, which we do not offer. You can always link though!
Can I get added to your broker listing?
Send us an email at regarding this and we’ll get back to you.
Can you review my product/service on
We don’t write product/service reviews from a promotions perspective on our website.But you might be interested in our sister-website, There, you can submit your company and product info for review by our community of forex traders. That of course would require someone to have actually used your software, so it’s not a total solution. But it’s an avenue to get your product name out there. And it’s completely free.
Would you like to exchange links?
We have to respectfully say, no thank you. We don’t participate in link exchanges.
Do you represent a broker?
No, we do not. We are purely an online educational resource.

Common Forex Trading Questions

Can I trust the companies that you advertise on your website?
That is a very important question that we cannot answer with a simple yes or no. We have many advertisers/companies that we have worked with for several years. These advertisers are displayed on our web site using advertisements and company logos, like you will see in the sponsor sections of our School and Blog tabs.Most “sponsors” that you see on our website have been working with us almost since the beginning of in early 2006. These sponsors have exhibited honesty and integrity in doing business with our company. That being said, to be as unbiased as possible to our community of members and guests, we do not specifically endorse any broker or advertiser, nor their products or services.

That is where the power of the community, and specifically our Broker Guide and Forums, come into the picture. The Forums will provide you firsthand knowledge from traders who have direct experience with the various advertisers and their products or services. The Broker Guide offers you information submitted to us directly by the brokers regarding their offerings. Combine these two areas of knowledge and we’re sure you’ll be able to make the best decision for YOU! If you need more than just someone else’s word to feel safe, make your way over to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission website or the National Futures Association website. They are the regulatory bodies of the forex and futures industries in the US. They can shed further light on some of the brokers that interest you.

But you must also keep a close eye on which advertisements you are looking at. We work with Google Advertising to provide advertisements, which they randomly place in designated areas of our site. By design of their system, the advertisements do relate to Forex, but we do not have complete control over what advertisements Google places on our site.

How long does it take to become a successful trader?
Trading is a performance skill like sports, the arts, medicine, etc. The education and knowledge is out there, but do you have the discipline to learn and develop a method that works for you? Do you have what it takes to step up to the plate, take risks, and do the work necessary to review and improve your trading? Also, can you control your emotions when, not IF, you lose money? Once you have a game plan that works for you, will you still be able to stick to it day in and day out?There is no answer to your question that has a general application. The time it takes is really up to the time and effort you put in to learning and practice, and your situation in life.

But if you’re still looking for a more definitive answer, here are a couple of quotes to give you a better idea on the time it takes to be a successful trader. Mike Bellafiore (co-founder of prop trading firm SMB Capital) says, “It is common for experienced traders to acknowledge that they did not know what they were doing until after three to five years.”

And from his book “Enhancing Trader Performance,” Brett Steenbarger acknowledges that it takes about 10 years of deliberate practice to master the art of trading, as well as any other skill.

How do I calculate pivot points?
You can calculate pivot points using any time frame. All you need is the opening price, close price, high price, and low price.For instance, during the time frame you are watching (whether it be 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month), just take the opening price, the high price , the low, and the closing price, and stick those numbers into our handy-dandy pivot point calculator found here:
It will calculate the pivot points for the next 12 hours that you are watching. Ok? If you wish to learn more about pivot points and how to calculate them, please visit our pivot point lesson found here:
How much should I risk per trade?
If you are a beginner, your account risk should be as small as possible. The reason we say this is because you do not have enough statistics on your system or trading method to optimize your account risk per trade. You don’t know how often you lose, how big your drawdowns are, your longest losing streaks, etc.After you have gathered enough information about your trading (we suggest a year’s worth of trading), then you can begin to adjust your account risk per trade to your risk comfort level.

In general, we do not suggest that anyone risks losing more than 1% of your account per trade. Again this is all based on your risk comfort level. Read up on our risk management school lesson for more information.

How long should you spend on trading per day?
We’re not sure how other traders trade, so we can’t speak in general terms. For our style, discretionary trading, we generally put in an hour or two of research and planning before we start trading for the day. After we’re done for the day, we will put another hour or two recording the days events and price action, then review and figure out ways to improve our decision processes and risk management.Of course, if you trade the longer time frames, this process won’t be as time intensive. Again, this is how we do it and we always suggest finding your own methods and ways to trade.
Do you offer trading/demo accounts?
We are not brokers and do not offer any kind of brokerage or demo trading accounts. If you’re interested in opening a demo account, make your way over to our Broker Guide for more information. We’ll help you choose the broker that’s right for you.  Aside from that, the Forums also has a “Forex Brokers” section that may be of interest to you.  New and seasoned traders discuss anything and everything – fees, reviews, recommendations, bonuses – related to Forex Brokers.
Do you offer live, face-to-face training classes? is purely an online educational resource. We don’t offer any face-to-face classes or seminars. We’re thinking our beauty might be an issue. Take our word for it. It’s hard to concentrate when staring into our faces!
How much money is needed to open a trading account?
Since you asked that question, head on over to the School of Pipsology! We think you’re a perfect candidate. It’s completely free, it’s web-based, and a lot of fun. Plus you’re bound to learn a thing or two!As for your question, if you’re brand new to forex, we would suggest starting with zero – that’s right, nothing. You need to at least learn the basics before you even think about throwing money at a trading account. However, mini accounts can be set up for as little as $500. Again, head over to the School of Pipsology. You won’t regret it!
Which broker do you recommend?
We try to stay as unbiased as possible by not recommending specific brokers. This is best for the community.However, every trader is different in their approach and trading styles, so one broker could work for one but not another. Head on over to our Broker Guide and our broker review section for more info.
Will you trade my money for me? Are there companies that will trade for me?
Yes, there are many companies available that will trade your money for you.We, on the other hand, take the position of trying to educate traders so they can do the trading themselves. With that fact, we do not recommend any one specific company. You can always do an on-site search (using the search box at the top of our web page) for “managed account” to help you out in possibly finding reviews about such services.
What’s the best way to keep track of my trading history?
Make your way over to Forums Trade Journals sub forum. Take the first step to building your discipline. Record and share your progress – trade ideas, trade results, psychology state before and after and more! Read more about why you need a trade journal in our School of Pipsology here.