July 2012 Monthly Archive

AUD/USD: Long or Short? – Profit Target Hit!

Woohoo! Just when we thought that the “relief rally” has run out, ECB’s Draghi fueled the Aussie bulls’ fire! Here’s what happened to my AUD/USD swing trade. Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (July 23-27, 2012): Midweek Market Analysis

Good morning, traders! Time to take a snapshot of the market and determine the top headlines that are dominating price action so far this week! Check out my top three economic themes for this week. Read more

USD/CAD: Following the Downtrend – Missed the Party!

Looks like the USD/CAD downtrend continued after all. Too bad I didn’t get to jump in! Was I right for waiting for price to hit my entry levels, or should I have entered at market? Here’s what happened. Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (July 16-20, 2012): Midweek Market Analysis

Let my midweek market analysis guide you in trading the comdolls over the next few days! You don’t want to miss out on the bigger themes that are moving the markets lately! Read more

Surf’s Up with USD/CAD’s Rising Channel! – Trade Closed

Boo hoo! This isn’t exactly how I wanted to kick off the third quarter! I was unable to move my stop to break even and USD/CAD hit my stop at 1.0175 later on. Drats! Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (July 9-13, 2012): Midweek Market Analysis

It’s that time of the week, folks! Let’s take a look at the market themes that have been influencing currency price action so far this week. Read more

Q2 2012 Review: Trade Performance

It’s time to zoom in on comdoll price action! How did AUD, CAD, and NZD fare against the dollar in the last three months? Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (July 2-6, 2012): Potential Trade Setups

It’s day two of the NFP week, folks! If you haven’t found a setup yet, then take a look at the setups that we found on AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD! Do you think they’re something that you can trade for this week? Read more