December 2011 Monthly Archive

My Trade Journal for 2011

Before I bid farewell to the year that was, I decided to take a short walk down memory lane to give you a review of my trading performance and the lessons I learned throughout 2011. Do any of these trading lessons ring a bell to you? Read more

Gold, Oil, and Comdoll Previews for 2012

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes… Christmas is near! Since the season of giving is upon us, I decided to come up with a little something for you, dear readers. I hope you like my early Christmas present! Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (December 12-16, 2011): 5-to-1 Setup on AUD/USD

Just when you think that comdoll trading is winding down as the year draws to an end, this 5-to-1 setup shows up! Which major comdoll pair took the crown as the best comdoll setup for last week? Read more

AUD/USD: Will History Repeat Itself? – Orders Canceled

Argh! I can’t believe I missed out on another huge AUD/USD move. Do you think I should jump in at a retracement or just cancel my open orders? I think I’m leaning towards the latter… Read more

Shorting AUD/USD at the Top of the Channel – Trade Closed

And just like that, my second position got stopped out… at breakeven, of course! I know I could’ve made so much more on this trade, but I’m happy with how I managed my risk. Any suggestions on how I could catch more pips next time? Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (December 5-9, 2011): 6-to-1 AUD/USD Short Trade

Aaaand AUD/USD takes the cake again! But that ain’t the best part yet… Read on to find out what made this 6-to-1 short setup even sweeter! Read more

Time to Short the Kiwi Again? – Closed All Orders

Oh man, I think I missed the boat on this one! My bearish bias was spot on, but the pair just didn’t have enough energy to climb up to my entry order before dropping. Here’s the rest of the story… Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (November 28 – December 2, 2011) – 300-pip Comdoll Setup

How’s it going, guys? Are you ready to see which comdoll pair showed the most profitable trade last week? I’ll give you a clue – it sported a 5:1 reward-to-risk setup that would’ve given us a total of 300 pips! Read more