September 2011 Monthly Archive

USD/CAD: Will Parity Hold Again? – Trade Update

Remember when I had parity trade ideas on BOTH the Aussie and the Loonie? Well, I managed to save at least one trade! Luckily, one good decision was all it took to avoid losing pips on this trade. Read more

AUD/USD: Waiting for Parity – Trade Closed

Support at parity? NOPE. For the gazollionth time, my perfectly valid setup on AUD/USD got foiled again! Here’s what happened to my trade idea. Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (September 19-23, 2011): 21:1 Reward-to-Risk Setup on AUD/USD!

Good morning, guys! Need an inspiration for catching pips this week? Here’s a 21:1 reward-to-risk setup that I found on AUD/USD’s price action last week! Oh, and have you met my newest BFF? Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (September 12-16, 2011): USD/CAD Parity Play

Remember that possible parity play I was looking at last week? Well, it turns out I was watching the wrong pair. I planned to buy AUD/USD at 1.0000 when I should’ve been looking at USD/CAD instead! Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (Sept 5 – 9, 2011): 9:1 Trade Setup on USD/CAD!

Despite watching TWO comdoll pairs last week, I somehow managed to miss this 9:1 setup on USD/CAD! Here’s how we could’ve gained a total of 450 pips on this pair. Read more

Trading the Aussie AND the Kiwi – Another Trade Update

One down, one more to go! After closing my NZD/USD trade, should I trade AUD/USD next? Here’s what happened to my setup so far… Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (Aug 29-Sept 2, 2011): NZD/USD Divergence Play

All three comdolls made 100-pip moves last week but the best setup of the week goes to NZD/USD! Read my comdoll weekly replay to find out why. Oh, and meet my latest BFF too! Read more

AUD/USD: Short at 1.0700? – Stopped out at break-even

Oh no, not again! My trade was going so well until AUD/USD encountered a strong resistance level. Here’s what happened to my trade. Read more