August 2011 Monthly Archive

Comdoll Weekly Replay (August 22-26, 2011): 150-pip Setup on AUD/USD

Despite the ranging trading environment last week, can you believe that there was a 1.5:1 swing trade setup on AUD/USD? Check it out! Oh, and while you’re at it, why don’t you say hello to my new BFF? Read more

NZD/USD Day Trade Idea:Trailing Stop Hit

Well that was quick. Just a few hours after I opened my trade, the choppy markets threw me right out! I caught a nice entry but I really could’ve played this long trade better. Care to share your ideas? Read more

Long USD/CAD: Playing the Major Support – Trade Closed

After days of watching USD/CAD closely, I finally closed my winning trade! Too bad I didn’t get to keep all of my gains though. How could I have played this trade differently? Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (August 15-19, 2011): 15:1 Return on AUD/USD

Aaaand AUD/USD takes the cake again! All the commodity currencies made pretty strong moves last week, but there can only be one winner of the Best Setup of the Week. Let’s give happy snaps to those who caught this 15:1 trade on AUD/USD! Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (August 8-12, 2011): 600-pip Setup and my new BFF

Last week the currency pairs were as crazy as Friday night partygoers, and AUD/USD was definitely in the club! Check out the setup that would’ve been good for a total of 600 pips… Read more

Happy Trading Psyche: Which Trading Style is Best for Me?

Hey guys! This week I decided to take some time to evaluate what kind of trader I am. I took one of the brand-spankin-new personality quizzes from the School of Pipsology! Do we share the same personality? Read more

Buying USD/CAD at a Retracement – Trade Canceled

I can’t believe I missed my entry again! This USD/CAD trade setup was really valid but I guess I was just too conservative with my buy orders. How I could’ve played it instead? Read more

Short AUD/JPY Swing Trade Idea – Trade Canceled

Ugh, price action missed my trigger last week! See how much I could’ve gained if only I adjusted my entry price a bit Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (August 1-5, 2011): 21-to-1 Return on AUD/USD!

Once again, AUD/USD bagged the “Best Setup for the Week” award as it presented a 21-to-1 return on risk opportunity. Oh, and don’t forget to give happy snaps to my newest BFF as well! Read more

Short USD/CAD: Riding the Downtrend – Trade Closed

With AUD/USD giving me no lovin’, I decided to hunt for setups on other comdolls instead. I spotted this nice descending channel on USD/CAD and I think I’m gonna go with the flow this time. Check out my short trade idea! Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (July 25-29, 2011): 250-pip AUD/USD Rally & My Latest BFF

Wanna beat the Monday blues? I bet if you caught this best comdoll setup for last week, you’d be feeling all hyped up to trade this week. Don’t forget to give happy snaps to my newest BFF, too! Read more