June 2011 Monthly Archive

USD/CAD: Playing the Rising Channel – All Orders Closed

Good thing I closed all my open positions last week! Check out what could’ve happened to my USD/CAD trade! Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (June 20-24, 2011): My BFF This Week is…

For my Best Forex Friend (BFF) this week, I give my happy snaps to one of the most active members on my Happy Comdoll Corners! Let’s all give a hand to… Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (June 13-17, 2011) – 200-pip NZD/USD Setup & My Latest BFF

I know y’all are excited to find out who my latest BFF is, but don’t forget to check out the best setup I spotted this week. Were you able to catch this 200-pip drop by NZD/USD? Read more

It’s Time to Share YOUR Comdoll Trade Ideas!

Since my trades haven’t been going well for me lately, I decided to take a breather and create a way for me and my fellow comdoll traders to share trade ideas. What’s more, I’ll be posting a trade idea each day! Introducing… my Happy Comdoll Corners! Read more

AUD/USD: Buying at Major Support Levels – Trade Closed

As I mentioned in my Comdoll Weekly Replay, AUD/USD had a 300-pip run last week. Unfortunately, my long trade was on the wrong side of the fence. That’s another loss from trading AUD/USD! Boo hoo Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (June 6 – June 10, 2011): 300-pip Setup on AUD/USD!

Happy morning guys! As much as it makes me cringe to admit it, AUD/USD showed the most profitable trade setup last week. Too bad I was on the other side of the trade! Here’s how I could’ve gotten 300 pips last week Read more

Comdoll Weekly Replay (May 30 – June 3, 2011): Three 150-pip Setups

It looks like AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD all showed pip-tastic setups last week. Because of that, I decided to give the “Best Setup of the Week” award to the three of them! Check out the 150-pip wins on each pair! Read more

Short USD/CAD: Breakout or Fakeout? – Faked Out!

Looks like the only thing I got from my “multiple time frame analysis” is that I got to see my trade lose in so many time frames! Can you tell me how I could’ve played this trade better? Read more