July 2010 Monthly Archive

Bullish Flag on USDCAD? – Closed Open Orders

Hmm, it looks like USDCAD did breakout… but to the downside! Despite Canada’s weaker than expected retail sales figures, the Loonie managed to catch some gains as risk appetite took over the markets. Read more

AUDUSD: Buy the Dip? – Trade Closed

Ugh! Risk aversion turned out to be the theme last Friday, which made Happy Pip a very very sad girl. Yes, yes, I know, referring to myself in the third person won’t help! Read more

Breakout Looming on USDCAD??? – Close Open Orders

What a pity… My breakout trade idea was correct, but I the direction I chose was wrong! Instead of bursting upwards, USDCAD dropped like a rock and broke the rising trend line support. Boo! Time to close my open orders! Read more