March 2008 Monthly Archive

USD/CAD – Trade Closed

Our trade triggered on Friday, and after going our away by about 30 pips or so, buyers jumped in today around 1.02 to push the pair higher even as Canadian GDP came out higher than expected. Read more

USD/CAD – Trade Closed

Our remaining position was closed early this morning after the pair rallied on US Dollar strength. Read more

USD/CAD – Trade Closed

Our remaining position closed out at breakeven as the US Dollar rallied through out the morning European trading session and after US CPI read unchanged. Read more

USD/CAD – Close Open Orders

Looks like traders decided to buy back Canadian Dollars before we could hit parity as the pair trended lower during the Europe/US overlap. The Dollar is out of favor once again today as we Read more

NZD/USD – Trade Closed

Our trade closed on Friday as there was a reversion from risk, as higher risk assets fell (equities, commodities, higher yielding assets, etc.)… Read more