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Playing with Comdolls

Trade Closed: AUD/NZD Support Break

Bah! So much for that breakdown! AUD/NZD is now back above that triangle support area so I think it’s time for me to cut my losses on this short position.

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Trade Watchlist: Waiting for AUD/USD to Break Out

Expectations are running high for Trump’s tax reform announcement this week, and I think this might lead to a breakout for AUD/USD’s short-term triangle. Take a look! Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (Apr. 24-28, 2017): Market Preview

Market sentiment seems to be tossing and turning these days, so I’m zooming in to the short-term charts of AUD/USD, NZD/USD, and USD/CAD to spot potential breakouts with this week’s lineup of catalysts.

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Trade Idea: AUD/NZD Support Breakdown?

Finally seeing some directional moves in FX, including really interesting price action in AUD/NZD. After reversing back lower, is 1.0400 back in sight? Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (Apr. 17-21, 2017): Market Preview

We don’t have a of economic reports from the comdoll countries this week, but I found neat setups we can trade from the dollar’s moves! Here are the setups and potential inflection points I’m looking at. Read more

Trade Idea: NZD/USD Fibonacci Resistance

After a knee-jerk reaction to comments from the Donald, NZD/USD is back up to an area I’ve been watching for a short-term position to play today’s driving themes. Read more

Q1 2017 Forex Trade Performance Review

Greetings, comdoll buddies! I just finished reviewing my trades and crunching the numbers for the first three months of 2017. How are my stats looking? Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (Apr. 10-14, 2017): Market Preview

Looks like AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD are all testing interesting chart levels at the start of the week! Here are the setups and potential inflection points I’m looking at. Read more

Trade Watchlist: NZD/USD Short-Term Selloff

Risk aversion seems to be extending its stay in the markets as geopolitical tensions returned to the spotlight. What do you think of this short-term risk-off play on NZD/USD?

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Trade Watchlist: GBP/AUD Triangle Breakout

Most pound pairs are stuck in tight consolidation patterns on their longer-term time frames, but I think we could be in for an upside breakout on GBP/AUD. Here’s why.

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Comdoll Trading Kit (Apr. 3-7, 2017): Market Preview

Welcome to a brand new quarter, comdoll buddies! It looks like AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD are still warming up so I’ve zoomed in to the short-term time frames to look for potential plays.

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Trade Review: USD/CAD Ascending Channel Bounce

Bahh! So much for that channel bounce! USD/CAD barely made any headway upon testing the ascending channel support, and it now seems to be gunning for a breakdown. Read more

Trade Idea: CAD/JPY Descending Channels

I’m seeing descending channels on the short-term and long-term charts of CAD/JPY, suggesting that bearish pressure is getting much stronger. Here’s my strategy for catching the ongoing selloff.

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Comdoll Trading Kit (Mar. 27-31, 2017): Market Preview

The comdolls are currently testing major inflection points against the Greenback so I’m on the lookout for potential end-of-the-quarter reversals this week. Check out these upcoming events and significant levels to watch, too!

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Trade Idea: USD/CAD Ascending Channel Bounce

With crude oil weakness hitting the headlines once more, I’ve hopped in a short Loonie setup with this USD/CAD short-term ascending channel. What do you think of this play? Read more