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Playing with Comdolls

Trade Watchlist: GBP/AUD Area of Interest

I’ve been on the lookout for opportunities to short sterling, and Prime Minister May’s speech seems to have given GBP/AUD its much-needed pullback. Take a look! Read more

Closed Early: AUD/USD Channel Retracement

I really wished I wouldn’t be starting the year off with a loss, but I think it’s better for me to jump out of this short AUD/USD trade and move on. Here’s what happened. Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (Jan. 16 – 20, 2017): Forex Market Preview

Breakout alert! The comdoll gang looks poised to extend their gains against the Greenback this week so make sure you watch these potential inflection points and upcoming events.

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Trade Watchlist: USD/CAD Bounce or Break?

If you’ve been checking out my Comdoll Trading Kit from time to time, you probably know that I’ve been watching this long-term USD/CAD channel like a hawk. And it looks like the pair might be on the move!

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Trade Watchlist: CAD/JPY Reversal Formation

Multiple time frame tech analysis tells me that CAD/JPY might be in for a drop, but the long-term oil outlook suggests that the Loonie could be in for more gains. Where do you think this pair might go? Read more

Trade Update: AUD/USD Channel Retracement

And I’m in! Downbeat Australian retail sales data convinced me to hop in a short position at market with this AUD/USD pullback setup.

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Comdoll Trading Kit (Jan. 9-13, 2017): Forex Market Preview

It’s all about the channels on AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD! Take a look at these potential trend plays, along with the market events and inflection points for the week.

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Trade Watchlist: AUD/USD Channel Retracement

For my first trade idea this year, I’m looking at this textbook retracement setup on AUD/USD. Think price could pull up to the channel resistance before resuming its drop? Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (Jan. 2-6, 2017): Forex Market Preview

Welcome to a brand new trading year, ladies and gents! To start off, here are some long-term trend plays that I’m watching on AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD. Read more

Q4 2016 Forex Trade Performance Review

Now that I’ve got a bit more time on my hands during the holidays, I’ve been able to tally my trading performance numbers for the past few months. Take a look! Read more

Booked Profits: Long-Term USD/CAD Support

It ain’t “buyer’s remorse” if you regret NOT buying something, right? Well, whatever it’s called, I’m definitely feeling it for this USD/CAD trade but I guess these gains can still cheer me up. Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (Dec. 19-23, 2016): Forex Market Preview

The FOMC decision did quite a number on AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD last week! If you’re betting on a continuation of those moves, check out these setups and potential inflection points first.

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Trade Update: Long-Term USD/CAD Support

USD/CAD bounced off that long-term floor I was watching, but I’m a bit late to the game since I chickened out of setting orders just before the FOMC decision! Read more

Forex Watchlist: Long-Term USD/CAD Support

With everyone and his momma expecting the FOMC to hike interest rates today, will USD/CAD make a much-needed bounce off this major support area?

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Trade Idea: CAD/JPY Bullish Divergence

This pair’s short-term rising trend line has been holding like a boss so I’m hoping to catch a quick pullback and join the climb. Here’s my CAD/JPY trade idea.

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