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Playing with Comdolls

Trade Review: EUR/CAD Double Top

I may have taken a hit on this EUR/CAD short setup but I’m walking away with some lessons learned. Take a look! Read more

Q2 2016 Forex Trade Performance Review

And just like that, we’re almost halfway into the year! This means it’s time for my quarterly trading performance review so here are my stats and the lessons I’ve learned. Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (June 27 – July 1, 2016): Market Preview

Last week’s main market event caused quite a ruckus in the comdolls’ charts so I’m turning my attention to these longer-term setups. Better take a look at what’s coming up for this week as well! Read more

Trade Cancelled: AUD/JPY Support Turned Resistance

Just a quick update on that AUD/JPY setup I was watching earlier this week! Here’s why I decided against taking this short trade. Read more

Trade Idea: AUD/JPY Support Turned Resistance

I know it’s risky to take any trades ahead of the EU referendum this week but I can’t help but notice this neat correction setup on AUD/JPY. Think I should go for it? Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (June 20-24, 2016): Forex Market Preview

Even though there’s not much on the comdolls’ docket this week, big swings in market sentiment owing to the EU referendum can bring a lot of volatility across the board. Better mark these potential inflection points then! Read more

Trade Update: EUR/CAD Double Top

EUR/CAD doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, but I’ve still got a bearish bias on this pair. Think I should hold or fold? Read more

Trade Review: AUD/CAD Major Support

This was meant to be a swing trade but I caved upon seeing strong Canadian jobs figures. Think I should stick to my guns and try again with this AUD/CAD long-term range? Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (June 13-17, 2016): Forex Market Preview

We’ve got a bunch of top-tier catalysts lined up for the comdolls this week so make sure you mark these potential inflection points and take a look at these setups! Read more

Trade Updates: Long AUD/CAD and Short EUR/CAD

So far so good on my current positions, but I’m looking to make some adjustments ahead of the Canadian jobs release this week. Here’s what I got on EUR/CAD and AUD/CAD. Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (June 6-10, 2016): Forex Market Preview

We’ve got a couple of central bank decisions that could rock the comdolls’ socks this week so make sure you mark these potential inflection points and take a look at these setups! Read more

Swing Trade Idea: AUD/CAD Major Support

How’s your trading week going, forex friends? I’ve been trying to keep up with the quick market moves these days but I figured I’d be better off sticking with longer-term setups such as this one on AUD/CAD. Read more

Trade Updates: Short AUD/JPY and Short EUR/CAD

Hey, comdoll buddies! Here’s a quick update on how my short AUD/JPY and short EUR/CAD setups are faring. Read more

Comdoll Trading Kit (May 30 – June 3, 2016): Forex Market Preview

It’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting week for the comdolls since there are plenty of top-tier catalysts lined up. Take a look at these upcoming events, potential inflection points, and trade setups! Read more

Trade Idea: EUR/CAD Double Top

Crude oil prices have been on a tear these days so I’ve got a long Loonie bias. Here’s a simple reversal setup I’ve spotted on EUR/CAD’s 1-hour chart. Read more