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Self-Coaching for Forex Trading Newbies: Part II

In this edition of Pipsychology, I’ll discuss the specific action steps required in self-coaching for beginner forex traders. Read more

Self-Coaching for Forex Trading Newbies: Part I

For beginner traders looking for a cost-effective yet efficient way to speed up the learning curve in forex trading, self-coaching can be a good option. Read more

Stop Obsessing About that Perfect Trade

Forex trading is not the line of work you want to be in if you’re a perfectionist. Remember there’s no such thing as a “perfect setup” or a guaranteed profit. Read more

Forex Trading Ain’t All About the Money!

When you’re in a slump and you watch your forex account bleed out, it can be quite hard to find the right motivation to continue trading. Read more

3 Tips for Proper Trade Execution

Properly managing your open positions is just as important as coming up with a solid trade idea. Here are three guidelines to help you execute your trades properly. Read more

3 Reminders in Dealing with Trading Frustration

Frustration may be an occupational hazard for forex traders, as losses and even huge drawdowns can happen every now and then. Read more

3 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Trade Journal

Much has been said about the importance of mastering your trading psychology. Used properly, a psychological trade journal can help you track your behavioral tendencies and their usual outcomes. Read more

2 Ways to Approach Uncertainty in Forex Trading

As we trade in a world of constantly shifting sentiment, what can we do to prevent uncertainty from crippling us with fear? Read more

4 Reasons Why Forex Traders Give Up On Their Plans

Ever reached that point where you just wanted to throw your hands up in the air and give up on your forex trading plan? Before you do, make sure you’re not guilty of these things. Read more

3 Tips on How to Trade Like a Military Strategist

In more ways than one, the forex market is like a battlefield. Just as in warfare, the elements of risk, uncertainty, and danger in forex trading are always present. Read more

4 Ways to Avoid Recency Bias

In forex, the most common manifestation of recency bias is when a trader zones in only on his most recent trading decisions and loses perspective on the bigger picture. Read more

Make Your Own Forex Trading Tapes

Videotaping your trading can help you review and focus on both how YOU traded and how the MARKET moved. Read more

2 Ways to Make the Most of Demo Trading

The truth is that it’s perfectly normal to lose enthusiasm and focus while demo trading so I came up with a couple of tips to help you out. Read more

Learning How to Trust Your Gut in Forex Trading

Much has been said against taking trades based on guesswork, but let me go out on a limb here and say that you should trust your trading gut. Read more

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Being a Full-Time Forex Trader

As we constantly mention here on BabyPips.com, forex trading is serious business. Beneath the lure of earning a lot of money quickly, there are lot of underlying risks involved. Read more