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5 Forex Metrics That Must Be Part of Your Trading Journal

In addition to the usual entries included in your forex journal, here are a few often-overlooked performance metrics that you should also keep track of. Read more

How You Can Cope with Forex Trader’s Block

Trader’s block normally occurs after a big loss, crippling one’s forex decision-making out of fear of incurring another losing trade, but it can also take place after a big win. Read more

How to Adjust to Changing Forex Market Conditions

Those crazy forex market moves we saw last week just goes to show how forex conditions can shift on a dime. Here are some tips on how you can adjust. Read more

How Deliberate Practice Can Be Applied in Forex – Part II

Deliberate practice becomes much easier when you, as a trader, expand your knowledge of forex trading. Here are some tips that might help. Read more

How Deliberate Practice Can Be Applied in Forex – Part I

Pros in almost every field – whether it’s in finance or the arts – apply deliberate practice to speed up their learning process. How can you use this in forex trading? Read more

3 Steps in Dealing with Your Forex Trading Fears

In forex, fear comes from the increased possibility of losing money, which can happen anytime for a trader. Here are three steps to help you deal with this. Read more

What Makes a Forex Trade Good or Bad?

In my previous entry, I’ve discussed the importance of reviewing your worst forex trades. But how can you distinguish between a good trade and a bad one? Read more

Why Reviewing Your Worst Forex Trades Can Be Good for You

In forcing yourself to identify the emotions you felt when you made bad trading decisions, you might be able to see a negative pattern in your behavior and take actions to correct it. Read more

4 Steps to Recover from Wiping Out Your Forex Account

Blowing up a forex account is a lot more common than you think. The bright side is that even some of the best traders have hit rock bottom and come back to become consistently profitable traders. Read more

Don’t Be Afraid to Question the Forex Market!

Keeping an open mind will enable you to become a better “listener” of the markets, rather an “imposer” of your own thoughts and views. Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Force Your Forex Trades

Do you find yourself trading too often or risking too much? Are you taking setups that don’t meet your forex rules? Here’s why you should stop forcing your trades. Read more

4 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Forex Trade Exits

Unless you’re IMF secret agent Ethan Hunt who can pull off risky stunts on the fly and emerge unscathed, you should take some time to map out your exit strategy even before you enter a forex trade. Read more

3 Tips in Achieving Work-Life Balance with Forex Trading

While I’m a big fan of allotting time and effort to improving your forex strategies, I also believe that too much trading could do you more harm than good. Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Take a Contrarian Forex Approach

These days, it seems that most forex pairs are just going in one particular direction and it makes no sense to go against the herd. Is it worth taking a contrarian approach? Read more

How to Avoid Being Trapped in a Forex Market Ambush

Have you gotten trapped in a market ambush and been unable to make the proper trading decisions then? Here’s how you can avoid getting caught up in unforeseen events next time. Read more