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Why You Should Trust Your Forex Trading Instincts

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3 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Success

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4 Ways to Turn Positive Thinking to Positive Results

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Why You Should Approach Change Positively

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Breakeven Forex Trades: Understanding the Gray Area

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5 Tips for You to Overcome Forex Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety can be crippling in forex trading when it prevents you from making good decisions. Here are some tips on how to overcome this type of pressure. Read more

Why You Should Have a Mission-Vision Statement

Since you should be treating forex trading like a business, it’s important to have a statement that summarizes your core purpose and goals. Here’s how to make one. Read more

3 Simple Ways You Can Level Up in Forex Trading

Think you’re ready to expand your forex trading horizons? I’ve got a few simple tips to help you take your game to the next level pronto! Read more

How to Grow Your Psychological Forex Trading Capital

More than the money you put in your account, you also invest your mind in forex trading as well. This is where psychological capital comes in. Read more

3 Tips to Help You Take Demo Forex Trading More Seriously

If you think that demo trading is boring and pointless, here are some ways to help you take it more seriously and learn the necessary lessons before trading live. Read more

3 Tips to Help You Sustain Your Forex Strategy Changes

Now that we’re almost done with the third quarter of the year, it’s as good a time as any to make a few tweaks and find ways to improve your forex strategy. Read more

3 Forex Trading Stats You Should Track in Your Journal

Every good trader will tell you that keeping a trading journal is as important as the shirt on your back, if not more important. Here are the forex stats you should record. Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Take Forex Risks

Do you just follow the crowd because you’re avoiding embarrassment or afraid of taking risks? Here’s why you should consider taking a non-conformist forex approach. Read more

How to Deal with Emotional Trauma in Forex Trading

The forex market also has its own way of making you cry yourself to sleep, leaving you broken and feeling helpless. How can you get over this heartache? Read more

How to Use Your Forex Worries to Your Advantage

For forex traders, the major sources of psychological pain tend to involve losing capital and/or being on the wrong side of trades. How can you deal with this? Read more