August 2007 Monthly Archive

The Dollar waves its finger at the Yen and says “Oh no you didn’t!”

The Dollar waved its finger at the Yen today and said “Oh no you didn’t” as it got revenge for its sorry defeat yesterday, rallying about 100 pips from 114.50 to around 115.50. Read more

Dollar takes a dive against the Yen

The Dollar took a dive against the Yen again as it fell 150 pips from 116.00 to 114.50 and is still dropping! Read more

The Dollar finally slows down the Euro and Sterling

The Dollar was finally able to stop the momentum of the Euro and Sterling after the brutal beatings it took last week! Read more

The Sterling makes another strong gain against the Buck

For the 2nd straight day the Sterling rallied strong against the Dollar, but it wasn’t all bad for the Greenback as it creamed the Yen for a nice 100 pips. Read more

Euro and Sterling both rise against the Dollar

After some see-saw movements, the Euro and Sterling seem to have gained some footing as both currencies rallied strong against the Greenback today. Read more

Euro, Sterling, and Swissy all fall to the Dollar

The Dollar is really finding momentum now, especially against the Sterling where it brought it down below the 2.0000 mark. The Cable hasn’t been below 2.0000 since June 26th!! Read more

Just when you thought the Sterling was done…

Oh say it ain’t so! That’s right folks. The Sterling rose once again against the Greenback and isn’t through yet. When will the Sterling finally give up? Read more

Ack! The Sterling Dropped?!?!

After 5 straight trading sessions of Sterling rallies, the GBP/USD finally dropped after the release of the GBP Industrial Production report earlier today. Read more

Sterling and Euro giving the Buck another run for its money?

Both the Euro and Sterling rallied against the Dollar today giving Dollar bulls a shake in their pants. Is this just a retracement or could we be in store for another Dollar meltdown? Read more