March 2010 Monthly Archive

US Housing Market on Shaky Ground?

As we all know, the start of the global recession essentially began with the collapse of the US housing market. With the Fed’s trillion dollar mortgage-backed securities program coming to an end, what now? Read more

Another Headache for Japan?

Tomorrow, we’ll be seeing the results of the Tankan survey for the first quarter of 2010. Did Japan’s manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries improve? Or have business conditions worsened? Read more

EU Playing Nice… But For How Long?

Looks like France and Germany decided to play nice as the European leaders finally agreed on something. What exactly went down during the EU summit? Read more

Japan’s 4 Worst Headaches

Awhile back, I talked about why I hated the pound. This time around, I want to talk about Japan and what I feel are the biggest monkeys on its back. Here’s some food for thought over the weekend. Read more

Big Fat Greek Debt: Part III

And today I give you the third installment of our favorite series: Big Fat Greek Debt. Yep, it ain’t over yet! Before we know it, this drama could end up having more seasons than Days of Our Lives! Read more

What Will the New Zealand GDP Tide Bring In?

Has New Zealand’s economy caught up with that of Australia? Or has it continued to lag behind? Tomorrow’s GDP report should give us a clue! Read more

BOE Master Plan in the Works?

I’ve been hearing some rumors and whispers out of London lately. It seems that the Bank of England wants a cheaper pound… Read more

Parity at Last?

Now that the USDCAD has plowed through a key support level, what will drive the CAD bulls to take the pair to parity? I’ve got a feeling that the Canadian retail sales report may just push it over the edge… Read more

US vs. China: This Could Get Dirty

While the markets focus on debt problems and rising commodities, another issue is lurking in around the Eastern corner. Last week, President Obama put the spotlight on China and their foreign exchange policy. Read more

Will the SNB Hit the Brakes?

Last week, traders were on the lookout for possible currency intervention by the Swiss National Bank (SNB). With the EURCHF now falling below a key support level, are the SNB sharks getting ready to snap their jaws and attack the markets? Read more

Extending the Extended

Y’all are probably wondering what happened last Friday, when the greenback got a major beating across the board. At first glance, it would seem that the sell-off was merely caused by risk appetite, when the US retail sales report beat expectations by a large margin. Read more

Show Me the Money!!

Come Friday, we’ll see the results of the US retail sales report covering the month of February. Did spending pick up? Or did consumers decide to keep their hands in their pockets? Read more

The Fellowship of the Com-doll Ring

In a few hours, we will witness the biggest event in Middle Earth’s… errr, New Zealand’s history (not really, I’m totally exaggerating)! At 8:00 pm GMT today, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will announce its decision on the country’s benchmark interest rate. Read more

EMF: Boom or Bust?

Ahh… Just when you thought the Greek debt drama was over, a new development popped up. This time, it came in the form of a proposal, an institution aptly named the European Monetary Fund or EMF. Read more

Risk Appetite Fandango

Did the result of the recent non-farm payrolls report just tip the balance in favor of the higher yielding currencies? Could this be the end of the dollar rush? Read more

Snowstorms to Freeze Payrolls?

This coming Friday, prepare yourself for the release of the mother lode of all economic reports, the US non-farm payrolls! So bust out your Blackberries, turn on your Twitter feeds, and buckle your forex seatbelts because we may be in for a wild ride! Read more

Canada’s Heating Up!

It appears that the recessionary freeze on the Canadian economy early in 2009 is warming up. Will the BOC break the ice by raising interest rates sooner than expected? Read more

How the Pound Got So Bloody Heavy

Just recently, I presented several good reasons why things could get ugly for the pound. And guess what? The pound has gotten beat up pretty badly lately, with both the Cable and Guppy plummeting by more than a thousand pips in just a couple of weeks! Read more

RBA: Is Now The Time To Raise Rates?

In its last meeting, the Reserve Bank of Australia surprised the markets by NOT raising interest rates. Given the recent developments in the Australian economy, could now be the time to hike? Read more