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Top Forex Market Movers of the Week (Apr. 24-28, 2017)

You probably already know that the euro performed very well this week, but did you also know that the pound did well and that the Kiwi and yen got crushed? Whoa! Four currencies were in play this week? Anyhow, what drove price action on these currencies? And how did the other currencies fare this week? Read more

London Session Recap: European Currencies Pop Higher on Data & Speeches

Volatility in European currencies stepped up thanks to a heavy round of economic data, as well as comments from SNB Chairman Thomas Jordan. Read more

Asian Session Recap: Trump Rants About North Korea, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Etc.

U.S. President Trump seems to be having a temper tantrum, as he threw shade on several trade partners and warned about a major conflict with North Korea, taking the spotlight away from the Japanese data dump.

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U.S. Session Forex Recap: EUR Returns Intraday Gains After ECB Presser

ECB Governor Draghi continued to hog the spotlight during the New York session as his dovish tone on inflation forced the euro to return its recent gains.

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London Session Recap: GBP Finds Buyers, NZD Kicked Lower, & EUR Steady Ahead of ECB Presser

Volatility was a bit subdued during today’s morning London session, likely because traders are waiting for the ECB’s presser. Even so, there was enough action to keep the session interesting since pound and Kiwi pairs were on the move. Read more

Asian Session Recap: BOJ Keeps Policies Unchanged As Expected

The BOJ’s monetary policy decision was the most closely-watched event for the session. So why was the Loonie the biggest mover? Read more

U.S. Session Forex Recap: Trump Tax Plan Fails to Impress USD Bulls

The Trump administration unveiled its highly-anticipated tax reform plan yet dollar pairs ended the session mostly unchanged and U.S. stock indices closed in the red.

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London Session Recap: GBP & JPY Fight for Top Spot, EUR Slides Lower

The pound and the yen battled for supremacy during the morning London session. Meanwhile, the euro steadily bled out during course of the session. Read more

Asian Session Recap: Aussie Traders Not Impressed With CPI Reports

The Aussie took some hits during the Asian session after Australia’s headline CPI reports missed expectations. Details of the report, however, don’t bad enough to influence the RBA’s biases. Read more

U.S. Session Forex Recap: Yen Pairs Turn Higher, CAD Hurt by Trump Comments

Just when it seemed as though the weekend gaps were about to get filled, yen pairs resumed their climb to show that risk-on traders are in control. Meanwhile, the Loonie was dragged down as Trump turned his tirade on the Canadian dairy industry.

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London Session Recap: AUD & NZD Slapped Lower, GBP Finds Late Buyers

Today’s early European session was another steady session. Aussie and the Kiwi pairs were an exception, though, since both the Aussie and the Kiwi got dumped at the start of the session. Meanwhile, the pound was range-bound for the most part but got buyers near the end. Read more

Asian Session Recap: Loonie Goes Down as Traders Yell “Timber!”

The Canadian dollar did a Ke$ha during the Asian session as it went down and while forex traders yelled “timber!” What’s up with that?! Read more

U.S. Session Recap: Dollar Shrugs Off Dovish Kashkari Remarks

A bit of risk aversion peeked back in the markets, allowing the Greenback and yen to advance despite dovish remarks from FOMC member Kashkari.

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London Session Recap: CAD Outperforms in Steady Trading Session

Today’s morning London session was apparently a consolidation period, since most currency pairs ended up trading sideways. The Loonie was on the move, though, and easily gave its peers a good stomping. Read more

Asian Session Recap: French Election Relief Inspires Weekend Gaps

Thanks to a combination of Macron lead in France’s first round of Presidential elections, low liquidity, and a bit of short squeeze, the euro ended up on top during the Asian session. Here’s what’s up! Read more