Cowabunga System Daily Update: Thursday, 04/09/2015

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Main Trend

Cowabunga Forex System

Cowabunga Forex System


Current Trend

The trend was UP until 4am EST. From 12am – 4am EST, a new trend change candle formed and changed the trend from up to DOWN. After 4am EST, the trend remained down the rest of the day.

Today I only looked for long trades until 4am EST. After 4am EST, I only looked for short trades.

News events to watch for today :

Today’s Surf

8:30am EST– Didn’t consider this possible signal because it was on a news candle.

Cowabunga Forex System

Cowabunga Forex System


Trade Result: +0 pips R-Multiple: N/A

News events to watch for Friday:

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  • peter h oltersdorf

    I think all a trader has to do is learning how to read the price action on a daily chart with double BB and candlesticks interpretation . Details of that system are available by going to the FX KEYS website. One can ignore EVERYTHING else and use indicators only for confirmation . HEY, newsflash!! THEY ARE ALL LAGGING! In my humble opinion that is all one needs. Learn it and use it exactly as presented. It`s like a crystal ball!