Cowabunga System Daily Update: Wednesday, 02/04/15

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Main Trend


Current Trend

The trend was DOWN the entire day.

Today I only looked for short trades.

News events to watch for today :

Today’s Surf

2:00am EST– There was a moving average crossover for a long trade. RSI was less than 50, stochastics were trending down but MACD was already negative from the previous candle. This cancelled out the signal and I did not enter.


Trade Result: +0 pips R-Multiple: N/A

News events to watch for Thursday:

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  • But I entered this on the previous candle you just mentioned

  • Marc

    Are you still trading this system every day and only making sporadic blog posts or do you only trade when you post? I checked Meetpips to try to find out (from the FAQ), but there is no record of your recent trades.

    Just curious if this is still your primary system after 6 years or if you are doing something else. If so, it is pretty amazing that it held up in pretty much every market cycle and phase.

  • Jabb

    actually I made up the same strategy as yours(whit one different part: you check the trend in H4 but I check it in the daily candle)Then I found you in here and start following your every single post that you leave. About Meetpips, I don’t really check that website cuz I have my own records of my trades.